Volkmann Looks to Break McKee

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12/28/10 12:24:31PM
“They trained us to break people.”

Those are the stark and intimidating words of Jacob “Christmas” Volkmann. The UFC lightweight is not referencing the mysterious Russian military doctors who trained Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. Volkmann is referring to the very real teachings of the Division I wrestling coaches at the University of Minnesota. A “Golden Gopher” sounds a lot less friendly now, doesn’t it?

“That is what I'm trying to carry over to the UFC - the idea of breaking somebody,” states the three-time All-American wrestler, who has shown dramatic improvement with each of his appearances in the Octagon. “It's getting closer. I still have to open it up more like I did back when I was at the U of M. I'm still holding back a little bit.”

12/28/10 6:24:01PM
Christmas come late?
12/28/10 10:47:29PM
Mandingo by UD.
12/28/10 11:05:43PM
I think he has a solid skill-set to give a one dimensional wrestler problems. And Volkmann brings up a good point concerning the octagon jitters. We'll find out just how many tools Mckee has in his arsenal after this match-up, but it should be close either way.

Good fight. And probably alot closer than the hot bout is going to be.
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