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6/26/11 11:13:13AM
A press conference was held yesterday to formally announce the match up between two aging legends from their respective sports, UFC Hall-of-Famer, Ken Shamrock and Boxing champ, James Toney. The two met with the press, exchanged words, and almost got into an altercation.

The date and venue on their match up still hasn't been finalized yet. Though amidst the trash talk between the two, earlier reports that the rules for their bout would be modified a bit have been confirmed. It will be contested at eight rounds of only 3-minutes each, with both fighters only allowed to stay on the ground for 30 seconds before they get stood back up. Rules are adjusted to slightly favor the boxer, and while it probably won't change the outcome of the fight either way, that special rule-set makes this an even bigger freakshow bout than originally expected.

6/26/11 11:15:12AM
I posted this in the news forum because of the rules being announced for this fight.
6/26/11 11:28:35AM
What a joke. I hope they both lose.
6/26/11 11:49:40AM

Posted by emfleek

What a joke. I hope they both lose.

No matter what the fans are going to lose.....

Edit: What promotion is putting this on? I watched the video (posted in the playground videos section), and I still have no clue.
6/26/11 12:02:57PM
The most important match in fightsport history since Canseco v Choi.

Even with the modified rules, I think this fight can only end one way. . . via camel clutch.
6/26/11 12:30:53PM
James Toney needs a translator. No idea what he said, other than he is a former champ or something.

I hope Shammy dominates.

Funny as someone said it was only suppose to be a photo shoot.
6/26/11 2:32:56PM
I think WWE is putting this on.
6/26/11 2:53:41PM
I'm actually intrigued by this. Namely because Toney,I feel does have a chance at winning. This,much like the Toney/Couture bout is a novelty fight only the chances of victory sway a little more in favor of the boxing champion.
6/26/11 3:43:45PM
Press Conference or The Circus

Wonder who wrote the script?
6/26/11 4:28:22PM
I predict this fight never happening.
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