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1/30/16 2:35:12PM
Two longtime members of the UFC roster were let go.

Danny Castillo and Mike Pierce, both solid veterans with good wins on their records, were cut by the promotion, multiple sources confirmed Friday with MMA Fighting.

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1/30/16 2:44:05PM
I disagree with the cutting of Castillo; albeit that might be cause by my TAM inner fan boy coming out. Castillo made $39k in his last fight. Maybe Dana is trying to free up some $$ to pay Sage and Paige more .

Not quite sure how to feel about the cutting of Pierce. He was out for two years because of Paul Harris. So, yeah, I dunno.

The rest of the field, none performed spectacular by any means. I'm surprised it took them this long to cut Steve Montgomerey, though.
1/30/16 3:01:57PM
I dunno man, Danny Castillo is 1-5 in his last 6 and currently on a 4 fight losing streak. They're all tough matchups, don't get me wrong but the justification to release him is definitely there. He's also on the wrong end of his 30s in this sport. Chances are, we've already seen the best version of Danny and he gets further away from that with every loss. I think this will be good for him. A change in scenery will be nice and he's a big enough name where he should have no problems getting fights booked for Orgs like Titan, WSOF or Bellator.
1/30/16 3:11:56PM
All understandable cuts but Pierces, he deserved one more fight. Also Hassan was beast on TUF, I think he'll be back soon as well as Lazaro, who went loss, win, loss..
1/30/16 3:24:25PM
I disagree on Pierce cut
He was out for 2 years cause of injury. I doubt he was gonna win a rough match he was thrown to laflare
1/30/16 7:34:57PM
Pierce actually impressed me after his long layoff. Kind of a shitty deal for him.