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2/28/11 4:17:53PM
Wow what a quick turn for another fight card
Still scratching my head over sat fights not yet prepared for thur fights
Here it goes. 4 fight main card.

Fight of the night

Easy pick gotta go with main event. We will see grappling striking and subs
I don't see either man finishing the other should be a war

Sub of the night

I will go with brian bowles subbing out page for the second time glad to see those batanweights get some main card love


I am going with sakara to ko chris weildman , chris is suppose to be a up and commer but I think sakara crisp boxing will start teeing off on him early


If any. Shane roller may win the grappling match over tavares
2/28/11 4:36:13PM
I'm stuck on this card. Seems like there are many fights that could go either way. I do think the Kampmann/Sanchez fight will be the front runner for FOTN.
2/28/11 4:56:55PM
FOTN: Diabate vs Cantwell
KOTN: Castillo
SOTN: Palhares

Upset: Castillo
2/28/11 11:44:35PM
I will admit that I brushed this card off at first. But, now that I take a closer look, almost all of the macthes could go either way, and have the opportunity to be very exciting.

Fight Of The Night:

Sanchez vs. Kampmann

Knockout Of The Night:

Igor Pokrajac

Submission Of The Night:

Rousimar Palhares (If any)

Upset Of The Night:

I honestly don't think there are any upsets on this card.. Any fighter could win. If I had to pick I'd say Weidman over Sakara.

3/1/11 2:41:03PM
FOTN Sanchez v Kampmann
KO Im expecting some TKO's but no spectecular KO's, Ill say Pokrajac on a tired Brown.
SUB Ive picked quite a few subs, Ill say Dolloway, Peruvian Neck Tie
Upset Weidman to control Sakara for 15 mins
3/1/11 6:40:04PM
FOTN: Sanchez vs Kampmann
KOTN: Weidman over Sakara
SOTN: Palhares over Branch
UOTN: Weidman over Sakara
3/1/11 7:02:06PM
This card has even more "upsets" written on it that Saturday's. Literally every fight on this card I see as a coin flip.

I agree with you guys and your predictions. I can see any prediction aforementioned on this thread coming to fruition.
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