UFC on Versus 5: Dan Hardy combats three-fight skid by losing weight and getting a haircut

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7/11/11 1:21:48PM
Who needs takedown defense when you can get a $12 makeover at Supercuts?

After three consecutive losses inside the Octagon, British striker Dan Hardy knows it's time to do whatever it takes to get back into the win column.

That's why he's lightening his load, so to speak, as he heads into his UFC on Versus 5 scrap against Chris Lytle at the Bradley Center on Aug. 14 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

7/11/11 2:59:43PM
Always thought Hardy had one of the more badass appearances in the UFC.
7/11/11 3:49:58PM
7/11/11 4:33:13PM

Posted by DeadHead988


AGREE. He better win!
7/11/11 8:02:12PM
He's gotta do something in order to get on the right track. When hardy first came into the ufc I didn't know much about him but he's grown on me. His recent loses haven't changed my view on him but he needed a change and if he thinks this is it then it will show in a win
7/11/11 10:34:11PM
Haircut or no Haircut he's going up against 'Lights Out' and that's never an easy task.
7/12/11 1:58:40AM
He actually has a really good idea.

Chris Lytle has really short arms, and excellent boxing. Meaning if you let him get in on you, Lytle is going to tear your ass up. Slimming down and maximizing his speed to compliment his reach advantage should ensure he has a technical edge on the outside.
7/12/11 12:42:07PM
i started to become a fan of Hardy after he beat Swick, loved his clever trash talk before the GSP fight (the pyjama comment was gold) and gained a ton of respect for him after that fight. i really hope he wins

i should probably take him out of my av as hes gone 0-2 since i put it up lol
7/13/11 12:20:55PM
did any of you read the comments below the article?
the one about Ronald Burgerking literally made me start laughing in my office. I looked like a nut but it cracked me up.
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