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2/27/11 6:57:03PM
So I was just wondering when and if this fight gets overturned, as it is looking like it will (some sites have already said that it is, yet sites like sherdog don't have it changed) will playground fix the inaccurate scoring and fix the camp scoring for the season?
2/27/11 7:01:45PM

This is from Site Info

" How are fights that end in draws or no contest handled? "

If a fight is declared a draw or no contest at the time of the fight, this bout will simply not be calculated into the points, ranking, or earnings. The result and scoring from a fight that is overturned at a later date (steroids, Mary-J, etc) will remain on the website. Asking someone to send back their per-event prize so that we can send it to someone else due to a scoring change isn't something we're up for. Plan and play accordingly! This game is based on who wins at the time of the fight.

Here's the link to the rules and FAQ's that answers this directly.
2/28/11 1:49:36PM
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