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3/4/10 2:16:51PM
hey guys this isnt exactly MMA related but i trust no one else with my fitness. im pretty well off right now i hit 185 and my physique could be better but that will come in time. im going to be entering a canoe race comming up in april with my buddy and i have to prepare.

i cant afford a gym membership and all i have to workout with is my own body. calastetics? however you spell it. but i need to build my upper body strength quick. any advice? maybe suppliments?
3/4/10 4:14:01PM
For what you are planning , I would recommend you do lots of pull-ups and sit-ups and free squats or knee bends, whatever you know them as.
3/5/10 1:21:06AM
pullups with palms in and out, push ups w/ hands narrow, regular, wide, as well as wall push ups (like a hand stand with your feet on the wall), sprints, body squats or buddy squats (buddy on your shoulders), dips, lunges, long jumps, high jumps. those are something to start with till you save for a gym membership.
3/8/10 6:48:03PM
If you can afford a single plate (or just find a suitable heavy thing like a gallon of water) this workout would do the trick:

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