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11/16/07 9:43:22AM
I got this email from the Ontario Mixed Martial Arts Association today:

MMA took a very important step forward today as the Ontario Mixed Martial Arts Association (OMMAA) has submitted their application to become the sanctioning body for Amateur MMA in Ontario. The Ministry of Health Promotions (responsible for overseeing amateur sport) has promised a quick turnaround with initial feedback and/or concerns about our proposal. There are no guarantees in this process and ultimately the government may simply decide to say no to MMA, but OMMAA Board Members are optimistic.

In a letter received on May 3, 2006 from the Ministry of Government Services (responsible for overseeing professional sport) stated the following:

“You may wish to contact the Ministry of Health Promotions so that you can explore having MMA recognized and sanctioned through the amateur sporting process. Steps in this direction may enable you to establish a safety record in Ontario…”

On November 7, 2007, Ontario ’s Athletic Commissioner, Ken Hayashi, stated the following in a phone conversation with OMMAA:

“You guys are doing the right thing going the amateur route just like Muay Thai and KickBoxing had to do. The province will not consider sanctioning professional MMA without having an Amateur safety record first….”

The government has held firm on their position of requiring Amateur before Professional. They have consistently and repeatedly communicated this to everyone who has inquired about MMA in Ontario , including the media and even the UFC themselves. OMMAA is the only organization actually taking steps to do what the government has asked.

We very much appreciate your continued support!

Board Members of OMMAA
11/16/07 10:00:28AM
Thank god. It's about time.
11/16/07 10:11:07AM
it will be good for MMA in Canada to have it's biggest province(population wise) to involved in the sport, also it will be much easier to the UFC to come to Canada if they can have a event in T.O.
11/16/07 12:29:12PM
This is great news! Now if only Vancouver would allow MMA matches again.
11/16/07 1:53:25PM
no kidding.. thats the slackest thing ever. A few of my friends got to watch an HCF event a few months ago, the last mma fight in bc =/
11/16/07 4:53:52PM
Yes it is a shame that Vancouver banned MMA. Let's hope Ontario can get on board here.
11/16/07 6:25:36PM
By reading some comment, well. i am happy to leave in quebec !!!

11/17/07 9:46:37PM
This would be sweet caz i live in ONtario. It would also open up alot of new possiblitys for me to start training MMA. Caz I love MMA.
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