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11/29/07 10:27:47AM
Kevin Randleman, recovering from a nasty staph infection, recently gave an update on his recovery. He said he's healing well and the two large holes in his side as a result of the infection have gotten much smaller now.

11/29/07 11:05:50AM
"Randleman stated in the interview I did with him (read part one HERE and part two HERE) that he waited nearly two months before he even went to get the infection checked."

WTF?!?! How the hell is he not dead?!
11/29/07 12:15:26PM
That's obviously photoshoped. I do hope he recovers and gets back into the game.
11/29/07 3:11:09PM
Ugh...guys, this is a fighter who has won two fights in the last four years - against a no-namer who was 8-8 in a Bushido Europe event...

...and his fluke KO of CC who avenged the loss with a SUBMISSION - the only time CC has made someone tap, (his other subs were from injury or strikes.)

He submit horse piss in an attempt to coverup his "painkillers" (read "steroids").

He was arrested in Vegas for drunk driving, malicious destruction of public property, intimidating a public officer and "other driving offenses".

And finally this fighter - a career wrestler who has spent countless hours on the mat and MUST have been familiar with staph infections - IGNORED a staph infection for months.

11/29/07 5:59:16PM
Sorry but I hate all Hammer House dudes.
11/29/07 8:15:19PM
I know he's in shitty shape but I want my fav. fighter to fight again! He's a freakin beast! The best amateur wrestling in MMA IMHO!!!

He's my favorite fighter and he's always exciting. His slams are beautiful and he has KO power but lacks technique to land those heavy punches!

Hope you get better soon man! I heard on Sherdog somebody posted there friend said you said you were suppose to rematch Babalu next. I don't care who you fight though. I'll be cheering and know you will F em up!!
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