Update On Couture-White Planned Sit Down Meeting

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11/19/07 8:06:40AM
Randy Couture was at UFC 78 and has been civil with Dana White. Dana had claimed that he was meeting with Couture this Tuesday, and sources close to Couture said there was no meeting scheduled. Apparently, they were actually supposed to meet this past Tuesday and Dana thought it was this coming Tuesday, so he wasn't there and Randy thought Dana blew him off. Dana joked that clearly his communication skills still hadn't improved much. He said they would now be meeting after Thanksgiving

11/19/07 8:16:15AM
Next it's going to be Couture shows up for the meeting but accidently shows up at the wrong place..I just hope something happens so they can kiss and make up so I don't have to see Sylvia vs Big Nog
11/19/07 10:29:04AM
I only came in here to delete the inevitable flaming posts of UFC and Dana White haters, who are looking for any chance to criticize both with as many insults and curses as possible. They must not be awake yet( or are finally learning not waste our time and theirs, with rants that will just be deleted . This goes for Pride haters as well or nutthuggers of any stripe ) However I will say this, if Dana is so busy that he made a mistake like this he needs some more help running the show. It's been said often , but he has the same job he did 5 years ago when the UFC was 10 times less busy. I don't know if how much help he currently has, but there has been reports the UFC has tripled it's employees in the last 2 years, and that still may not be enough. More importantly I think there needs to be another high ranking executive ( or 2 or 3 for that matter if neccesary) behind Dana if need be. It's been said Larenzo Fertitta has taken over a few of the big negotiations, maybe Frank could jump in and help out some too.
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