Update: Couture Talks UFC Resignation

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10/12/07 6:10:40AM
Randy Couture (Pictures), the face of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and one of mixed martial arts most revered fighters, notified the UFC via fax from South Africa at 11 o'clock Thursday morning that he has chosen to resign from the UFC, "The Natural" confirmed with Sherdog.com.......................

10/12/07 6:13:43AM
That was a really good artcile that tells us all what the real main reason was for this move - he lists Fedor firstly but then mainly talks about the disrespect from Dana RE fighter pay and you just know if it wasnt for Dana/Fertitas being greedy c***s and giving Randy his fair share of the vast profits they make then he wouldnt of resigned!
10/12/07 7:18:19AM
Couture's not the highest-paid guy in UFC, I don't think he's the 2nd-highest paid. Based on recent fight payouts I don't think he's getting as much as CC and Liddell (who might be tops, he gets something like $500K per fight). It's possible he maybe even gets less than Nogueira.
10/12/07 7:27:06AM
Well it said he gets a % of PPV sales as well but i bet thats barely anything

Zuffa makes MILLIONS per event and could afford to pay all these big name fighters MILLIONS, they just choose not to cos they know the competition cant afford to do that, they earn them the money so should be rewarded, the Fertitas do sweet fck all yet earn millions for sitting on their asses watching the fights!!!
10/12/07 11:18:48AM
Seems to me he was making a point to say he is not RETIRED, but quiting the UFC! Sounds like they need a complete makeover in Zuffa....unhappy fighters aint gon get them nowhere i the future. UFC may be in self destruct mode.
10/12/07 12:29:25PM
Wow!! I comlete respect Couture's decision. And he's right, he deserves more respect. He's 44 and the only logical next step for him is Fedor, and Fedor has signed w/ another org. We may see Couture sign with that org for one fight, against Fedor. I hope so. I've been waiting to see Fedor/Couture for a long time. I think Couture has a better shot than anyone at beating Fedor. His style is somewhat similar, although he's not as good as striker, or at GnP for that matter, but Couture has heart, and it's got him pretty far.
It sound like Zuffa, the Fertittas, and Dana, better straighten out their act and start paying the fighters more or more fighters will leave, and the UFC will be a shell of what it once was.
This news sickens me. Not just because Couture is leaving. Yes, that dissapoints me but I totally respect his decision, and would probably do the same if it was me. What dissapoints me is the fact that I know the UFC and Dana will continue to alientate fighters, and more will leave for another organization that will treat them better and pay them what they deserve.
These past couple of days have been nothing but bad news. Fedor isn't signing with the UFC and now Couture's leaving. Damn, who's next??
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