Undefeated Canadian John Makdessi Added To UFC 124

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10/14/10 2:36:29PM
Another Quebecois has been added to the UFC's fourth trip to Montreal. Undefeated Canadian lightweight John Makdessi has been added to UFC 124 and will face Pat Audinwood. Verbal agreements are in place, paperwork pending.

10/14/10 3:44:34PM
This is exciting news. Makdessi seems to have a lot of power in hands for a Lightweight. Can't wait to see what he brings to the division. Audinwood seems like the perfect match-up. I kind of thought the UFC tossed Audinwood in too deep when they set him against Tavares in his last fight.
10/14/10 4:35:01PM
Makdessi has fought nobody good that is an actual lightweight.. I have no reason to believe he can deal with Audinwood's wrestling.
10/14/10 6:09:00PM
I believe the card is now complete
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