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3/3/08 3:12:46PM
Hello guys, I went to the UFC82 event this past weekend - my first time ever going to an event. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced. After watching payperviews forever, I figured its about time I attend an event live - and my expectations were blown away!

Anyway, I made a simple website to share some of my pics and video. It will probably be boring for those of you who have already been to an event. But for the rest of you who are curious about what an event is like, take a look....

click here for my site
3/3/08 3:17:49PM
3/3/08 3:22:32PM

*Says in Napoleon Dynamite voice* Lucky!
3/3/08 3:27:01PM
Dam you! Those are some sweet seats too!
Nice pics man!
3/3/08 4:05:43PM
Very nice! Glad you had fun. A great event to attend, too.
3/4/08 11:47:00PM
Awesome, i hate how sometimes people dont show up for the first couple of fights... i would wanna watch every single fight... you so damn lucky...
3/5/08 12:42:00PM
Thanks guys!
Ya I also hate how people don't show up for the first fights. Among the newbes there still this notion about "what time is the main event". There were a lot of people who showed up right at the moment when the payperview televised matches were starting.... like they assumed that the fights prior to that must have just been amateur fights.
However, the funny thing was that there were thousands of diehard fans who lined up in front of the stadium at least an hour before the doors opened.... like it was general admission/seating or something! I only noticed them because I went to a local restaurant next to the stadium prior to the event. But it was great to see... they just couldn't wait to get in!
One extra note... the floor seat people kept standing up to get a better view which also caused some of the first level seat people to stand up to see over their heads. It was a bit amuzing since those people paid the most for their seats and had to fight for a view.
All in all that night just blew me away and is a much bigger experience than just watching it on ppv. Even if you buy cheap nose-bleeder seats at the very top of the stadium, I'm sure it will still be a blast to just feel the awesome aura about the event.
3/5/08 7:27:19PM
I envy you so bad
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