Tyron Woodley announces he'll defend title against Stephen Thompson at UFC 205

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9/16/16 5:37:13PM
The suspense is over: Tyron Woodley has his first championship defense set, and Madison Square Garden has a title fight.

Woodley, the UFC welterweight champion, will defend the belt against red-hot Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson at UFC 205 card in New York City on Nov. 12. He made the announcement on FOX Sports 2's weigh-in show Friday, and UFC sources confirmed that matchup is the plan for the two fighters.

9/16/16 8:23:13PM
WOW. Props to the UFC for picking the #1 contender over the big money fight which obviously would of been GSPs comeback which they could of done for Canada the PPV after. Itll still be a big money fight since surely as the champ Woodley will get a cut off the PPV. With McGregor suppse to be on here he'll be rich man regardless who he fights. Win-win for Woodley.

Wouldnt be surprised if they make GSP vs Maia for Canada to try and knock Maia off since hes not that marketable. GSP is an absolute horrible match up for him.

With that said i got Thompson 2nd round KO!
9/16/16 8:57:27PM
War Wonderboy
9/16/16 11:32:33PM
Not sure Woodley even had a choice here. I want to see him vs Wonderboy, should be a good scrap.
9/17/16 2:14:15AM
9/17/16 2:44:55AM

Posted by TerrorofsesameST


Agreed. If Tyron tries to play the distance game, he will lose...handily. Interested to see his game plan here.
9/17/16 11:53:30AM
Thank god! The gold went straight to Woodleys head 2 min after he won it. Trying to make his own fights.. Saying Wonderboy ain't worthy. Motherfuck him, I hope Wonderboy puts him to sleep
9/18/16 3:37:16PM
Well now...that is a pleasant surprise!! Good match up that absolutely makes sense. The UFC has to know that no matter who they match GSP up with they will rake in the dough, much like the other superstars they have. Let GSP get that Nick Diaz fight, let him fight Silva at MW, something Wilke that would work out real nice!
9/23/16 3:18:39PM
I see a new champion on the way!