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10/15/07 12:49:36PM
As fighters like Sean Salmon Kenny Florian and trainers like Monte Cox will tell you, climbing the ladder that is the way up in MMA is quite different from boxing-namely, it can be a lot faster. But there are still pitfalls to watch out for.


Really good read here, it reveals a lot about how UFC has to rely a lot on inexperienced fighters to fill cards and how sometimes it's good to move up the rankings fast, but it's also good to still go the slow but steady route to the top.
10/15/07 3:34:30PM
Nice article.
10/15/07 4:34:13PM
really good stuff
10/15/07 4:51:28PM

Amateur MMA is mostly the same as professional. The rules are the same, and often so are the fighters.

This is the one complaint I have. Most states do have significant rule differences between pro and amateur fights. This is especially true in Georgia where amateur MMA isn't so much MMA as it is a Kickboxing/BJJ competition becaue you can't GnP to the head, and if you get knocked down you get a 10 count to get up.
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