Turmoil comes to the rankings

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4/8/07 11:07:46PM

Since our last set of rankings in March, chaos has ensued in the world of mixed martial arts. Previously unknown Sokoudjou scored a second straight upset over a top of the line Brazilian Top Team star. Randy Couture at the age of 43 upset UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia. Matt Serra stopped the No. 2 pound-for-pound fighter Georges St. Pierre. Other top fighters including Babalu Sobral, Diego Sanchez and Mike Swick were upset. As if that weren't enough, UFC and Pride are now under the same umbrella. We try to make sense of it all with the April MMA rankings. Let the debate begin!

4/9/07 12:31:27AM
God, it's hard to begin. My rankings didn't change much after the first couple events, but now I think I've made adjustments in every category. This year has been f'd up. As far as let the debate begin, I wouldn't know where the debaate begins. I think more ppl are surprised than tryin to make excuses or anything. But yeah, all rankings are undergoing major changes. Plus I think there's an event later this month (could be wrong, don't feel like lookin it up) and then we start over w/ another month (and we're workin on finishin this season). All I can say is good luck to all. This, in a way, isn't the year for these games to've started (course in another way it's perfect cuz it showed us all we don't know as much as we thought we did).

all I can say is

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