If all the TUF coaches had a tourny who would win?

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10/12/08 1:43:59AM

Matt Hughes
Matt Serra
BJ Penn
Jens Pulver
EDIT: GSP just for CantAndleDaRiddum lol

Light Heavyweight:

Chuck Liddell
Randy Couture
Tito Ortiz
Rich Franklin
Ken Shamrock
Forrest Griffin
Quinton Jackson

this one is tough to do because matt hughes went twice. and there were more lighter weight classes than heavyer so ya.
10/12/08 1:50:46AM

Matt Hughes vs Jens Pulver- Matt Hughes by sub in round 2
Matt Serra vs BJ Penn- BJ by ko in like 10 seconds

Round 2 BJ wins by ko in round 1 or 2
Light Heavyweight:

Chuck Liddell vs Ken Shamrock- Chuck Liddell wins by ko in round 2
Randy Couture vs Tito Ortiz- Randy by ko in round 1
Rich Franklin vs Forrest Griffin- Rich by KO in round 3
Quinton Jackson waits his turn......i guess

round 2

Chuck vs Quinton- Quinton wins by ko in round 1
Randy vs Rich- Rich by decision

round 3

Quinton vs Rich- Rich by KO in round 2!!

Rich Franklin and BJ Penn
10/12/08 1:57:36AM
no GSP , i mean he wasnt a coach, he was a trainer. but i'd still put him in there
10/12/08 3:22:59AM
.....fine GSP can play too but only if he makes me the boss. and he can't cry if we don't let him play red rover!!!! but ya GSP can be in there. i meant only coaches and he doesn't count but bj is gonna be everyone's pick so what the hell. give him some competition. make da nutthuggers happy just kidding bro.
10/12/08 4:07:54AM
GSP doesn't count IMO ;)

BJ Penn would win welter

If it were done in tournament format apparently Forrest Griffin would win LHW since he just beat Quinton Jackson who obviously has Chuck's number. (If the brackets matched QJ with Chuck)

Still, a focused Quinton Jackson with the right gameplan could just as easily beat Griffin IMO
10/12/08 7:57:01AM
If it was all done in one night, i would pick BJ and Forrest.

If it took place over the course of several UFC events, i think BJ and Rampage would win.
10/12/08 9:06:56AM
Rampage wins LHW.

BJ wins WW.
10/12/08 9:13:52AM
GSP would win the WW, and Couture would win LHW
10/12/08 11:06:14AM
Tournament structure is important. Maybe Randy would be able to beat Rampage, Rampage would beat Chuck and Chuck would beat Randy. It depends on what the brackets looked like. I would have to say most likely I would pick Rampage without knowing the structure of the tournament, but it can change depending on who fights who in the first rounds.

If Randy fought and beat Rampage early on, Chuck would most likely win. If Chuck fought Randy early on and won, Rampage would almost definitely win, and if Rampage fought and beat Chuck early on Randy would have a solid chance of winning. Styles make fights so the order is important. Too hard to answer the question as it has been posed, but I would probably pick Rampage as the overall favourite.

If you want to use the bracket you propose in your second post, I would predict a Rampage/Couture final and I would probably have to think about how their styles match up for a while to give a real opinion, but off the top of my head I would probably go with Rampage.
10/12/08 2:25:14PM
BJ wins the WW/LW tourney!
10/12/08 8:37:33PM
Matt Serra vs Matt Hughes= Hughes UD.
BJ Penn vs Jens Pulver = BJ sub rd.1

Finals: BJ Penn vs Matt Hughes = BJ Penn UD.

Don't feel like doing the LHW tourny.
10/13/08 1:25:43AM
is it cheating if I say Nog
10/13/08 2:31:09PM
I say Penn and Couture.
But if Nog gets added in their I think he takes possibly all of them.
10/13/08 5:03:26PM
Nog would sub all of them...
10/13/08 7:12:28PM
lol im gonna have to say BIG NOG as well
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