tuf 13 coaches any guesses??

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1/10/11 8:36:55PM
Sonnen is out
Leban lost

Mir is booked

Faber is booked

Pretty much any big star fighters are booked

So who will it be??

Could be edgar and maynard
Only thing is ufc needs this fight to happen quick
Would this hold up the division??
Plus they just fought are banged up
This is logical with no one else

Only other guess is kenny florian vs sean sherk or guida

Or maybe a lesnar vs big nog

They still could do wandy vs leban
But the hypE would be gone

I am very curious to see what they do.

My money is on edgar vs maynard. Won happen in vegas may. But aldo vs hominick if he wins this month will take over for main event
1/10/11 11:36:05PM
Maybe wandy, edgar/maynard or machida/couture. Those are only the big names I can think of.

Other guys that could be good coaches and possibly good fights but UFC prolly wouldnt go for them. Something like Sherk vs Stevenson.
1/11/11 1:09:33AM
I like Cain and JDS because Cain is injured and can't fight for a while anyway and JDS says he needs the money. Off the radar but I think could happen, Brock Lesner and Shane Carwin 2, this would be the greatest story line of them all, and we all know Lesner's star power, not to mention the timing is right.
1/11/11 1:45:07AM
Well Idk if JDS speaks english, which would pose a problem.

Brock I am almost certain will NOT do TUF. He doesnt like all the cameras around him and stuff and I am sure would rather train at home than coach in vegas.
1/11/11 3:46:28AM
With the way things are panning out my money is on Grey and Frankie
1/11/11 3:47:13AM
Lidell could step in there with some other retired awesomeness....get paid and not hold up the belt....if Randy was retired that would be a good pick.
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