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11/14/07 1:38:20PM
In this week's edition of The Tuesday Takedown, we'll take a look at Kimbo Slice's pro MMA debut, Dana White's new decision on Sean Sherk's title, who Randy Couture may be fighting next, the possibility of the UFC on CBS, and much more!

11/14/07 2:41:43PM
I hope everything is worked out & randy fights....
11/14/07 3:44:53PM
Read that Dan Barrera interview link at the bottom. It's a good read
11/14/07 4:59:42PM
I think Randy needs to take this fight if he is going to be respected by fans.....A lot of fans are going to see this as Dana being the good guy by offering him the fight with NOG, but if Randy refuses to fight i think a lot of people are going to loose respect for Randy...
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