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10/9/07 1:41:23PM
In this edition of The Tuesday Takedown, we take a look at what happened to UFC 78, why Hector Lombard can't fight Karo Parisyan, why the deal between HBO and the UFC fell apart, Kimbo Slice's possible return to MMA, and some seriously whacked out quotes from former WEC fighter Kit Cope! Let's do this!

10/9/07 1:59:59PM
This is a great article.

They agree with me that TAGG radio is a joke. The Kit Cope stuff at the end is pure gold.

HAC News: Did you and Gina ever spar and how did it go?

Kit: [laughs] Who thinks of these questions? Me and Gina sparring is like this, it goes good until she gets mad, we're having fun, she gets mad, starts dropping bombs, so I put her on her ass and she gets butt-hurt and starts being a girl

10/9/07 2:07:34PM
The UFC wouldn't be the same without Joe Rogan. I don't mind UFC going to HBO but I like the announcing that Rogan does, and I like the way the UFC shows are run.

Stick with Spike.
10/9/07 11:19:31PM
Def Stick wid Spike but Id love to trade Joe for Bas!
10/11/07 1:28:37PM
As long as they don't get Frank Mir. He may be a great fighter, but he is a horrible commentator imo.

I was watching the WEC the other night and he was on there, all I can say is it was bad, real bad. The guy needs classes or lessons or something.
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