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4/19/08 10:19:50AM
"I'm literally sitting in a car right now trying to get to Wrigley Field to throw out a first pitch," Trigg said. "I haven't heard anything from [DREAM] in about a week and a half. We started talking about a month ago, but lately, there's been no communication. I really haven't even thought about it lately."

"We have no contract, and we have no numbers we're even close to agreeing on," he said.

Trigg also said he was unlikely to fight for DREAM unless the event were to air on HDNet. Without an American audience, "it does no good for the my brand as a fighter, broadcaster, writer or for my company Triggonomics," he said. "No one would see me."

4/19/08 12:19:55PM
i mean if the Triggonomics aren't solid, you need to go back to the Micro-Triggonomics before you jump back into the the Macro-Triggonomics... see it just doesn't make sense for the trigg man to go to dream..?
4/19/08 1:24:46PM
damn i was really looking forward to him getting subbed by Jacare
4/19/08 5:13:35PM
I really hope he fights. Hes one of the few guys in the tourney I'm actually familiar with, but if he doesn't know about it right now, its unlikely hes fighting next week.
4/20/08 2:18:09PM
I really hope that fight happens, I'm a huge Jacare fan and he hasn't fought any tough guys since getting KO'd by Macaco. If not Trigg, I hope they give him a good fight.
4/21/08 4:11:17PM
What would happen if the UFC (or WEC, or or Cage Rage, etc.) promoted fights they knew weren't going to happen and we didn't know who would or wouldn't be on them until we bought the PPV.

I think this style of promoting is a slap in the face to fans.
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