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2/15/07 10:33:17AM
anyone know an inexpensive place to train in Windsor ontario canada?
2/15/07 10:44:06AM
2437 Central Ave, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, N8W4J4
519-251-6066 |
Coach Peter Zahran

Looks to be what your looking for. Train in MMA, MT, and submission grappling. And I just checked into the prices for you, and they are pretty reasonable depending upon what you want to train. They will give you a free three day tryout period in which you can participate in any of their classes. Definitely worth checking out, IMO.
2/15/07 11:24:11AM
thanks alot. i will check that out for sure. the only place i knew of was kihon karate but i think u have to do some karate there n im not down with that lol
2/15/07 2:44:00PM
Hey, I live in Windsor right now and I'm training Judo unde Bill Thomson ( It's a tiny club, but it's very informal and Bill has also done wrestling, sumo and sub grappling so he is very good... plus it's free of charge aside from your judo ontario fee ($75) and a yearly donation of $50. We train alot of subs there, and I'm gonna start doing nogi sooner than later. Check it out if you like, if you need directions just shoot me a pm...
2/17/07 1:28:36AM
Alright, see ya tuesday... make sure to bring loose clothing that you don't mind to get ripped, a gi top will most likely be provided
2/17/07 9:57:02PM
can i go no gi off the bat?
2/17/07 10:44:09PM
I don't see why not, but don't get ahead of yourself just yet. You will probably be given an old white double wieve gi top on tuesday. I would still strongly suggest you buy a cheap gi though, cause the standup practice requires grip training, and youll be the odd one out for sure if your nogi all the time. I'm gonna start showing up 1 day every two weeks without a gi soon, so maybe we can work something out. Gi fighting is alot more fun than you think, give it a shot.
2/17/07 11:47:27PM
my aim is mma tho so i wanna train without the gi
2/18/07 12:14:37AM

Posted by FutureLWchamp

my aim is mma tho so i wanna train without the gi

You and me both, but like I said already, don't get ahead of yourself. I came in with the same attitude, and I want to compete in judo, sub wrestling and amateur mma this year. Youre still young, so just come by and try it out, I guarantee you will like it, and who knows maybe you will get some ammy fights under your belt this year.
2/18/07 12:08:27PM
i'm gonna check it out for sure and if i could get some ammy fights this year that would f-in awsome!
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