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4/21/09 7:19:45PM
Hey I was just wondering if there was anyone on here that could help me out in finding a good training regiment. I used to weigh about 240lbs like 3-4months ago, I now weigh 195lbs and I am at the perfect weight I wanna be at. I have a heavy bag, about 250lbs of weights, a flat bench, curl bar, and dumbells. I was wondering what kinda training could I do that would turn the rest of my fat into muscle, and would love to find out some good ways of training in boxing or mma.

Props to anyone who helps me.
4/21/09 8:23:08PM
easy way to get lean and burn fat without bulking up too much is low weight high reps. lets say you curl 40lbs dumbells 10 times in a set. drop the weight to 20lbs and up the reps to 20 0r 25 per set. it burns your fat off and you won't lose strength. you might even shed a few more pounds.

as for the mma/boxing workouts. bag work and shadow boxing(throwing combos and such) are good to work technique. shadowbox in front of a mirror and pay attention to how you throw each strike to make sure you have correct form. you can practice on wrist strength by doing pushups on your knuckles, and this will help keep your wrists straight when you hit your bag.

best way to train boxing or mma is with an accredited mma/boxing gym.
4/21/09 10:22:06PM
Randy Couture workout ! sounds like you have everything you need. Remeber MMA is all about endurance. Whats more impressive benching 500 lbs or doing 500 pushups in a row? I think the push ups cause I know how brutal just a 5 min jits match is.

4/30/09 10:48:14AM
I highly recommend looking up the jens pulver workout....u have everything u need to do it (just pick up a cheap timer). I know it works from experience. I was stuck in a rut with just lifting and i found this workout...and its great....Also, follow the same idea postman put on here......lifting heavy weights should be thrown out the window, really dont help with endurance.......Cardio is the #1 thing IMO.
4/30/09 12:45:49PM
By the sounds of it you want to stay arround 195 right? What is your body fat percentage right now?

Cardio is the key if you are looking to fight no doubt about that but power is also very important. Are you looking to fight or are you just doing it fun?

More reps won't make you leaner but it will definitly help with your endurance.

Honeslty a work out regiment depends on so many factors you need to tell us exaclty what your goals are, have you ever done boxing/muay thai/wreslting or bjj before?
5/6/09 9:49:03AM
Basically my goals are to stay at around 190-195lbs, and turn all my extra fat that i have into muscle, and i will be training at sam stouts camp up in london in the fall, so ny help to get me into good shape for that would be appreciated.
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