UFC 79: Tony DeSouza -VS- Roan Carneiro

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10/9/07 1:36:05PM
Tony DeSouza has been slated to face Roan Carneiro in a welterweight bout at Dec. 29’s UFC 79 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. DeSouza (10-3) joins teammates BJ Penn and Joe Lauzon on the roster, while all three are currently preparing together at Penn’s MMA Academy in Hilo, Hawaii for their contests....................................

10/9/07 2:58:00PM
That'll be a great fight. I think Roan's way too big and strong for De Souza, though. Look for him to take another Alves-esque beating.
10/9/07 3:01:21PM
Pretty good prelim fight, Roan is better than he seems, he nearly had Fitch with that anaconda! He will sub Tony who be suffering ring rust and is far past his best
10/9/07 3:21:29PM
I say Roan outwrestles and out positions DeSozua for a UD....I don't know if Roan can get the sub because even if Tony has ring rust he is still very good on the ground...just aks Noah Thomas...lol
10/9/07 6:51:34PM
i think tony should just give it up. stay a trainer. they are using him as a gate keeper. he is just fighting for a paycheck. do think you will see him fight again after this?
10/10/07 4:30:00AM
I am probably one of the few who thinks Tony Desouza will win

He's only 33 and his submissions skills have never been suspect. The only thing bad about desouza's game is when it comes to striking and avoiding strikes

I think Roan has very good submissions but if he wins i see it being by TKO even though he has never had one.
10/10/07 5:55:53AM
Hmmmm yeah i guess Tony could avoid the subs, dunno if Roan has hands tho?? OK im undecided now
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