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4/27/08 3:37:33PM

Great news for Canadian MMA fans today as TKO announces the resigning of the greatest champion in the history of the organization, Mark Hominick for a long term deal! Hominick began his career in TKO and has fought a total of 15 times for the company. He is a two time TKO Featherweight Champion and has succesfully defended his title seven times - Hominick was involved in a total of 10 TKO championship bouts! "The Machine" also fought twice in the UFC, winning on both occasions.
4/27/08 7:55:18PM
no offense to TKO. they did have GSP, Hominick, Stout, Goulet just to name a few. but its not like they will even be in the top 5 orgs.

having a 2nd tier fighter as ur franchise guy, isn't the best thing. but ill still be watching the TKO fights.

BTW, when ever i think of TKO. I think of
4/27/08 9:36:02PM
Hatsu Hioki is the greatest champion TKO has had.
4/28/08 12:40:59AM
Its odd how a fighter wins both his fights on the biggest stage in his sport, at a weight class above his, and then when he drops down to the feeder org at his natural weight class he looses all of his fights.
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