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5/27/08 12:17:37PM
Basically I have started a fight camp called TKO and I know that the season is almost over but we are trying to build up as many well knowlaged mma fans as possible.

Our main concern at this point is to get other mma literate people as part of our camp. If you know anybody or you yourself would like to be a part of this team the just reply.

All we ask for is that you know your stuff
5/28/08 3:17:46PM

I like what you're looking for, and i was just wondering -- is there a size you had in mind for your fight club? I'm just wondering if you were taking as many as you want, or keeping it to a certain amount.

Let me know -- i'd probably be interested in joining.
5/28/08 3:27:38PM

there is a size limit and that will probabbly be 11-20 (Middleweight) at least till the next seasons over after that i don't no. Mabey we will go up mabey we will stay the same.

As far as joining, if you want me to send you an invite, post back saying so.
5/28/08 3:32:39PM
That sounds good to me. I was hoping to get into something so that when the next season rolls around, we could do some work. I'll leave my 1 man fight camp. just send me an invite when you get a chance.

6/9/08 4:46:59PM
As everyone probably know season three is coming to a end and we are still short a couple of spots from being where we want to be.

We are asking that if you know anything about mma and would being willing to input your opinon, that you replie to this and we will send you an invite to our fight camp
7/16/08 11:41:18PM
There are 3 spots left before the new season starts, if you belive, you are well informed on your mma knowlage, then reply on this thread and we will send you an invite

GO TKO!!!!!!!!!
8/17/08 12:58:22AM
1 spot left
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