Tito Ortiz: I Plan to Fight Next in “Early 2008?

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10/11/07 6:41:57PM
Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz (15-5-1 MMA, 14-5-1 UFC) says his return to the octagon will likely take place in early 2008.

10/11/07 6:50:19PM
Give him Jardine!!

Tito would expose Jardine's mma skills. Tito would put a take down clinic on the dean. We haven't seen much of Jardine on the ground except after getting rocked by Houston Alexander.
10/11/07 7:39:00PM
I would rather see him fight Houston. That way hopefully he can get knocked out, and also it would be a good fight for Houston to show if he actually has the ground skills he claims to have.
10/11/07 8:59:34PM
jardine or houston would be good. i think they are going to give him jardine. they both are taking some time off and said they will fight early 2008. if tito does not come back looking like the old tito i am giving up on him. ever since the griffin fight which he potentially lost he has looked like crap. the shamrock matches dont count. his next match is the last straw in my eyes.
10/11/07 10:33:50PM
i wanna see wandy and tito
10/11/07 11:40:24PM
I think Shogun is Tito's most likely opponent....he wouldn't take a fight with Houston, although with his luck against TUF Guys I would think that a fight against Jardine wouldn't be bad either.
10/13/07 8:15:47AM

Posted by loonytnt

i wanna see wandy and tito

yes...also id like to see him fight shogun too, also a shogun griffin rematch
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