Tito Ortiz Confirms Machida Fight, Possibly his last UFC fight

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1/22/08 9:53:34PM

Posted by brutalbones

Tito has almost no chance of winning this fight. Machida has superior striking and Tito won't be able to keep him on the ground.

Tito has a huge chance of winning this fight. He is no slacker bro. Sure, I am also picking Machida but to say he almost has no chance is just plain silly. I think it is 50/50 to be honest with you. I just hate Tito and like Machida!
1/23/08 2:42:35PM
I'm a big fan of Tito and he is a great fighter but the UFC will be fine with out him. He is a big draw and even more so now that he has done The Apprentic and TUF. But also Tito is the Diva of the UFC he never gets payed enough and never gets any respect if you ask Tito. Never has a nice thing to say about the UFC unless it does something for him. He almost sounds like the late great Rowdy Dangerfield sometimes. I also think the UFC should up his pay some even more so if he wins but not the amount he thinks he is worth. But Tito is acting like Lyoto Machida isn't worth his time. Thats a mistake by Tito and if Tito doesn't take this fight very serious he could be made to look 2nd rate by Lyoto Machida. I think Lyoto Machida is going to be a lot tougher fight than Rashad Evans was. Even if Tito comes in a 100% I'm not sure he can win a fight with Lyoto Machida. If Tito does win if could kick start his career and put him back in the top 10 and at that point I think the UFC will offer him more money. If he losses then he will just fade away in to the lower tiers of the overly stack LHW division or some other smaller org fighting hand picked fights.

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