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4/22/08 11:29:47PM
Anything would be great.

I havent had traditional training or anything like that, basically a lot of stuff online for a couple years, just watching and learning. A friend of mine wants to grapple with me and he outweighs me about 40-50 lbs, and its all muscle, no fat or nothing like that. The funny thing is that he knows NOTHING about BJJ, or any sort of ground stuff at all. That definitely plays in my favor but he can definitely lift my entire body with one hand, effortlessly.....

So any help you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated!!!

4/22/08 11:35:10PM
If he's much bigger and you think he could lift your entire weight, control him on the ground, etc. Why not let him take you to the ground and then you can work your superior BJJ or whatever it is you do? Of course, that all depends on if he's dumb enough to take it to the ground where he's rubbish (according to you). You could always use his momentum against him for a takedown.
4/22/08 11:47:56PM
yeah thats probably what I am going to do, I might even pull guard if i can and try to work over to his back......or i can pull somethin crazy off like a gogoplata....only did that once, but boy was that fun...
4/22/08 11:48:32PM
how about you both learn some technique and practice stuff without live rolling because your both asking to be hurt

thats my 2cents
4/22/08 11:59:57PM
this would be my area of expertise (in terms of grappling larger friends who don't know JJ or MMA). i grapple my friends a lot, and my friends are large guys (220lbs, 250lbs, 300lbs, 300lbs) and i am 160lbs. now i always find a way to win because of my superior experience and JJ skills. the only difference is that my friends are not all muscle but rather are all fat. but in terms of weight i can give a few submissions to practice that usually help out the smaller/weaker guy.

for one, arm locks usually don't work if you don''t know what you are doing. unless he pretty much gives you his arm and says..."here ya go", don't go for it. he will most likely be able to pull out of it and you will put yourself in bad position. another thing is the guillotine choke. be very, very careful with this. the guillotine choke is the easiest submission to get, and it is the easiest to get out of. if you find yourself in a guillotine and your friend doesn't seem to be phased by it, let go of it. it is important not to waste all of your energy on a choke that won't tap him. try to conserve your energy and look for submissions in bursts.

in terms of being on your back, i would say if you have a good guard you should be comfortable as it is hard to submit anyone from guard.also, big guys feel like they are dominating in that position when in fact you have a lot in your arsenal. i would suggest pulling guard as soon as you feel he is gaining advantage on the ground and then work from there. you will find that inexperienced grapplers tend to leave one arm in and one arm out. this is the biggest no-no in JJ. once he has one arm in and one arm out, immediately go for the triangle. this gets them all the time. on the side where the arm is out, put your leg perpendicular to his body and lock your other leg around it. also, look for sweeps. the best position you could be in is having his back.

if you find you have his back, just sink in the hooks and work the RNC. this is the best option. i suggest this as your go to submission. it is simple, and effective.

and for parting words...don't go for a gogo unless you practice it a lot first. it is hard to do on stronger opponents.
4/23/08 12:11:57AM
yeah i dont think i would gogoplata him just for fear of my life, this is a huge 205 lbs. all muscle guy....he would probably power bomb me and i would wake up to him staring at me 5 mins later saying Whoops!

that is good advice from all of you....thanks!
4/23/08 1:15:01AM
i just happen to be the big guy at 270lbs. my friend who weighs 155 can often pull of a good takedown if he fakes an uperbody attack. hes more a wrestler and myself a jiu jitsu guy. so it a pretty long battle on the ground. and iam willing to bet your much faster than he is? thats your big advantage. if he's to heavy for you u should try a good single le takedown to shift his center or balance.
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