Time Warner cable = No Spike TV

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12/31/08 4:58:55PM
I know this isn't MMA but this does affect peoples ability to watch MMA.

Story Here

Looks like Time Warner was unable to make a deal with Viacom and all Time Warner customers will loss access to all of Viacom stations at midnight and one of those stations happens to be Spike TV.
12/31/08 5:42:27PM
this will affect Bright House cable subscribers as well. if you want to keep Spike, comedy central, vh1, mtv, nickelodeon and other channels call and complain!

i know my cable rates have been raised significantly over the last year i think the cable companies can afford to pay the extra 25 cent per subscriber viacom is asking.
12/31/08 6:23:05PM
Wow, there's gonna be a lot of pissed off people on New Year's Day if they don't come to an agreement, including myself.
12/31/08 6:44:56PM
Gotta be honest here man, I don't get what this means for me. I have Cox...am I screwed or what? I understand legalities like a hooker understands an I.O.U.
12/31/08 6:56:38PM
This will only affect Bright House cable and Time Warner cable subscribers.
12/31/08 7:10:32PM
i dont know what kind i have. so this means the channels will disapear or just certain proveiders dont carry it anymore? im confused
12/31/08 7:27:21PM
I have Time Warner and just heard about this today. We have already decided to switch to The Dish Network. Time Warner is going to lose all kinds of customers.
12/31/08 7:41:15PM
Doesn't affect me, but I'd be the first guy to jump ship if it did.
12/31/08 8:09:26PM
i am glad i have cox i already went a couple years with out spike tv i know how u guys feel
12/31/08 8:22:12PM
This sucks. Now I won't be able to watch this stuff live anymore. Lame.
12/31/08 9:35:16PM
I doubt that if we lose the channels at all that it will be for very long.
Don't sweat it. Do you seriously think that Time Warner customers aren't going to see the UFC's TV programming?
UFC will make a deal with another outlet that Time Warner does have.
Does anyone know what percent of American Cable subscribers have Time Warner?
12/31/08 9:46:14PM
DirectTV. Spike and HD Net
12/31/08 10:18:59PM
IM PISSED... Im gonna call and ******* yell my face off and threaten to end my contract. They will make a deal soon when im done with them
12/31/08 10:49:20PM
oh hell no! i f*ckin live off of comedy central. if this is true im gonna start going ape-shit on some people!
1/1/09 1:44:55AM

What will i do without Manswers!
1/1/09 10:07:04AM
You'll have to settle for Womanswers.
1/1/09 11:14:12AM
Well it is 11:13 am Eastern Jan 1st....we still have the channels including Spike.
1/1/09 1:29:05PM
This has been sorted now, the negotiations have been finalised and if you are really bothered you can read more here
1/2/09 5:13:27PM
oh well i have Comcast!!!!!LOL
1/4/09 9:05:07AM
I'm not affected but sucks for those who are.
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