Tim Sylvia Vows To Keep Fighting-At 265-After "BS" Loss

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2/1/11 10:19:45PM
And he blames a lot of bad things for his loss to Abe Wagner over the weekend-diet, knee, and of course referee Ken Shamrock. "Refs need to know the fighters. Did he see my fight with Andrei Arlovski – the second one – I got dropped, got up, and KO’d him. The Randy Couture fight I got dropped and fought for 25 minutes. It was stopped way too early… It was bulls**t. (And) the sad part is the ref told the promoter and my corner he was sorry because he knew he made a mistake and stopped it a little early.... I still love this sport and always will.... I will never fight at Super Heavyweight again. I fight much better at 265 so from here on out that’s what I am going to fight at."

2/1/11 10:51:35PM
LOL I didn't even notice Ken
2/1/11 11:04:08PM
Shamrock reffed the James Irvin fight Saturday at Gladiator Challenge, not the Sylvia fight Friday at TFC.

He's also not mentioned anywhere in the article the link goes to so I'm guessing the text portion about Shamrock was added by DCRage but I'm not sure how it relates to Sylvia's fight.

He may have had this LINK confused with the Sylvia fight.
2/1/11 11:55:30PM
Shamrocks reffing is so bad Big Timmy is blaming him too.
2/2/11 12:19:01AM
When was the last time Sylvia fought at 265? It seems like forever ago at least to me.

That wasnt a BS loss, Sylvia would have just taken even more shots to the dome.
2/2/11 1:48:23AM
sylvia did look badly out of shape. i know hes a big dude but 311lbs? he'll never get his reputation back if he continues to fight at this weight. and what about him being a cop? maybe his head just aint in the game anymore.
2/2/11 3:55:11AM
So, DC, Sylvia was blaming a ref that wasn't even in the arena?
2/2/11 5:43:53AM
Good call by timmy IMO, lose the fat, lose the extra weight, stop fighting freak show matches attempt to pull yourself together, cut the weight, then fight Kimbo

2/2/11 7:44:32AM
I think he may be done. Good run Timmy.
2/2/11 8:29:59AM
Silvia knows the sport better than what he said...come on now..blaming the ref. in a situation like that. I agree I could have seen the fight keep going, but I also do not think the ref. stopped it at the wrong time. It's how the sport goes...fortunately or unfortunately
2/2/11 11:09:55AM
Get in shape!! Enough said
2/2/11 12:30:44PM
Until refs quit apologizing to fighters and saying they were wrong, I really can't blame a fighter for complaining about a stoppage regardless if it's good or bad. The refs need to keep their mouths shut post-fight so that the fighters don't have the ammo of the ref saying it was a bad stoppage.
2/2/11 3:50:23PM
hes been fighting at 290+ for the past 5 fights it seems like. but didnt he weigh 285ish for his Buentello fight? if he just wants to keep getting paycheques and padding his record by fighting 3+ times a year against scrubs then all the power to him, but if he wants to ever be taken seriously again, he needs to get in better shape. i could see him being signed to Strikeforce a year from now to add a name and some depth to their HW roster....IF he takes his career seriously
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