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4/17/10 2:51:08PM
According to the reports, the Brazillian would have published on his Facebook that his next opponent would be Ryan, TUF champion. “I don’t even have a Facebook account, someone is doing that for me. I’m not fighting Ryan Bader, UFC hasn’t said anything. I talked to my new manager today, Dan Lambert, and he’s trying to get this off the web”, told Silva.
As for his return to the octagon, Thiago still doesn’t know who he will confront, but soon he must have an answer. “There’s nothings settled. UFC called my manager wondering if I could fight on July, I’m ready, but they didn’t said who I’m fighting against”, tells Thiago, warning that every single profile with his name in the web is fake.
4/17/10 2:58:07PM
Good because I really didnt like that matchup.

Im thinking Jared Hamman, James Te Huna, Vladdy M., maybe brilz.

I would like to see a future matchup of Thiago vs Vera.
4/17/10 3:02:16PM
a did not want that fight neither!A wud like to see silva fight Forrest or a vera fight wud be good to.
4/17/10 4:12:38PM
There are quite a few guys I wouldn't mind seeing Thiago fight. My first choice would be Bones Jones. I think it would be a nice step up for Jon and a fight that he would win. I also wouldn't mind seeing Thiago fight Luis Cane but that isn't likely since they both train at ATT. My third choice would be Phil Davis. I thought that Gustaffsson was going to wreck Phil but he proved me wrong. I may have not been a believer in Phil at first but I can admit that I was wrong about him and I think a fight with Thiago would answer plenty of questions about where these guys both stand at the moment.

A little off subject, has anybody heard anything lately on Steve Cantwell? I know whatever it is that has him out of commission right now is pretty serious but I was wondering if anybody heard anything recently on how he's doing.
4/17/10 5:25:22PM
There are a number of guys he could face. My top 3 guesses would be Jon Jones, Couture or Phil Davis. I would say Vera but i think he might be out for a little while because of the fracture around his eye socket.
4/18/10 3:05:59AM
guess is jones
4/18/10 3:28:23AM
Randy Couture please unless Couture gets Toney.
4/20/10 5:35:05PM
205 is so stacked with great fighters its hard to say who Silvas next opponent will be? But i do think it will be a fight that he will. Maybe Brillz? I dont know. But the UFC will puit him in against somone who he'll KO. He is a very exciting fighter and thats good for buisness.
4/21/10 11:05:31AM
I originally wanted him to fight Marshall but they cut him. Maybe a Phill Davis or a Janitor
4/28/10 4:10:28AM
silva vera would be awesome
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