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12/25/10 10:58:57AM
Sometimes in life, you get exactly what you ask for.

Rick Story called out Thiago Alves and the UFC has apparently obliged him, as the two are reportedly set to square off at the annual Memorial Day weekend event to go down in May of 2011, according to

Alves is working his way back up the ranks after dropping back-to-back fights to Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre and perennial contender Jon Fitch.

12/25/10 3:04:14PM
I think Story wins this fight, Alves hasn't done well against wrestlers not named Hughes and I don't think that will change any time soon.
12/26/10 2:56:46AM
i agree man, story is a beast and a seriously talented wrestler. he hit hard and even though alves is obviously the better of the striker, if he gets underneath story and gets hit with story's bombs he could easily get KO'd. story could grind out the victory just like fitch did.
12/26/10 2:08:47PM
fight could go either way, and you guys forget Alves beat Kos & Hughes who are pretty good wrestlers so i'm gonna go with Alves for a late t/ko
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