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12/22/10 10:26:41AM
This is it – the Highly Unofficial 2010 awards season is just about done, and all that’s left is to determine the top fighters of the year. Will your favorite be here? Read on to find out.

10 (tie) – Rick Story
All right, I know, I’m being indecisive, but when it came to the tail end of the list, I just couldn’t pick two fighters out of the trio of Chris Leben, Evan Dunham, and Rick Story to leave out. One (Story) went 4-0 this year, which is an amazing feat. The second (Dunham) lost a fight, but that one fight he lost he probably should have won on the scorecards. And the third (Leben) won three big fights, but the first was over a fighter (Jay Silva) who can’t be considered on the level of his other two victims. So…a three way tie, and I’m sticking to it. Anyway, Rick Story has always been a tough kid with a lot of potential. In 2010, he started to break through to the next level with two close wins over Jesse Lennox and Nick Osipczak, a brutal TKO of Dustin Hazelett, and a gut check decision victory over Johny Hendricks. Story is the real deal, and he’s only going to get better.

12/22/10 10:29:50AM
Since this is really just an opinion piece, I moved it to the UFC Forum.
12/22/10 3:55:42PM
My vote was for edgar as well
Second velasquez
12/30/10 7:43:25AM
Shogun all the way!!!
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