Tarded Reality Show Concept of the Day, Part 2

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2/12/08 10:17:31PM
You think Fighting Fedor is a bad idea? Ho, baby. From a new press release on Reuters.com:

Rodrigo and Crosley Gracie have decided to co-produce a reality television show of mixed martial arts, combined with the Gracie Jiu Jitsu flavor, and a little drama. [Ed. note: Rodrigo and Crosley are cousins, and grandsons of Carlos Gracie.]

The reality show is based on true life grudges. Imagine a famous face knocking on your door. He/she shows you a photo. “Do you know who this is?” You know exactly who it is. He/she is the person with whom you have a grudge to settle. Then, without a clue as to where you are going, you are whisked off to an undisclosed location where you will be trained by one of the world famous Gracie Jiu Jitsu family members. Did you know that the person in the photo is also receiving the same treatment? Did you know that now is the chance to “Settle Your Grudge?”

“It gives me great pleasure to bring this show to you, despite any controversy that may arise. At the end of the day, we are all humans, we’ve all had grudges, and they all need to be settled to bring closure to real the life drama that leaves us perplexed every day” boasts [executive producer] Stacey “O”.

Episodes in production include: Cop vs. Con; Bouncer vs. Bounced; Biker vs. Nerd; Husband vs. x-Boyfriend; Manager vs. Employee; Old Bully vs. the Bullied; Teacher vs. Student; and Old vs. Young.

2/13/08 12:48:06AM
Bad idea true, but could end up with some hillarious $hit on it .... biker v nerd, and bouncer v bounced!!! I mean seriously, how long will they train these guys before the fight...honestly half of fighting is instincts and you always revert back to that!
2/13/08 12:59:44AM
It will help Fedor keep his #1 status when he beats the winner of the show
2/13/08 2:56:51PM
I'm going to watch every episode.
2/13/08 4:39:45PM
its 16 cans lining up to boost Fedors ego because Fedor doesn't want to fight anyone thats even has a remote chance of posing a threat to him
2/13/08 5:36:18PM
I heard that in the final episode Fedor will fight Royce Gracie (live)
2/14/08 10:44:45AM

Posted by silverbullet

I heard that in the final episode Fedor will fight Royce Gracie (live)

cmon, Fedor is going to fight another guy way below his weight class? Fedor wins no problem.
Fedor WILL submit Royce. kimura Rnd 1
2/14/08 10:53:59AM
That would get me to watch if it's true. I kinda wish the Gracies would try doing something better than this concept, they're the greatest family in MMA and this could do more bad than good for them. I don't think it would tarnish their legacy by any means, but if you're going to do an MMA reality show, try and at least do a decent imitation of TUF.
2/14/08 3:44:01PM
What are all of you guys talking about? This is gonna be awesome! And why is the author of this article so decidedly against it? thats some great non-biased journalism. He clearly has never been arrested either, or else he'd know that the con v cop theme is the greatest thing since sliced bread. What a square. He was also clearly bullied a lot and could do nothing about it. I support this "tarded" show 100%...lets keep in mind this is all about entertainment people and a cop fighting a criminal is sure to be just that
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