Tanner vs Lister UFC 79?

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9/3/07 12:41:06PM
Shit I hope tanner comes back for real this time. Middleweight could use a boost like this.


Former UFC middleweight champion Evan Tanner (32-6) is rumored to be making his long-awaited return to the Octagon against Dean Lister (9-5) at UFC 79 on December 29, according to MMAonTap.com and Fightlinker.com.

Tanner has been on a bizarre sabbatical since his submission win over Justin Levens at UFC 59 in April 2006. He has been getting back in fighting shape at ChuteBoxe in California after letting himself go for months.

The camp issued a statement months ago that Tanner would return sometime in September. However, those statements never turned out to be accurate. In fact, Dave Meltzer even reported that Tanner isn’t even under contract.

Therefore, treat this report as “rumor” until more detailed information comes along — we’ve been down this road with Tanner before.

Lister is rehabbing from biceps surgery that has had him out of action since his decision loss to Nate Marquardt at UFC Fight Night 8 in January.

The Brazailian jiu-jitsu blackbelt recently flew out to Croatia to help Mirko Cro Cop train for his upcoming heavyweight bout with Cheick Kongo at UFC 75 this Saturday.

UFC 79 features the welterweight title fight between 170-pound champ Matt Serra and newfound nemesis, Matt Hughes. Wanderlei Silva is also expected to make his return to the Octagon that New Year’s Eve weekend.
9/3/07 1:28:51PM
if tanner comes back for real, lister is in for a world of hurt. i've been a big fan of lister for a while, but he's just not progressing like many including I thought. he dominated KOTC, and has really just been OK at the next level. tanner should destroy him with relative ease.
9/3/07 1:37:12PM
Let's hope so, I want to see Tanner back and get in the mix of the contenders at middleweight.
9/3/07 2:31:25PM
Hell yeah, David Terell was a BJJ guy too (with hands!) and Evan owned that guy!! I think this is a real bad match up for Dean. It may just be his last fight in the UFC....
9/3/07 2:47:25PM
Tanner has a great clinch so he needs to keep this fight on its feet. Lister has the advantage on the ground but this should still be a close fight. Tanner hasn't faught in a while and Lister went the distance with Marquardt. Tanner will win this fight if he's focused otherwise Lister will submit him.
9/3/07 2:51:54PM
I love Evan Tanner as much as the next guy, but he's getting old and it's been a while since his last fight. I am worried that he cannot hang with all the talent that is in the UFC these days.
9/3/07 4:04:30PM
I personally think that with Dean now training with Extreme Couture he can beat tanner...Lister has great BJJ and if Randy and crew give him a solid gameplan he can win this and like previous posters said tanner may be too old and not fully committed to this...Lister by rd 3 sub
9/3/07 9:56:05PM
i'm pulling for lister on this one, maybe he can ask cro cop to help him train for this one lol, and couture's camp should really help him improve his gameplan and mental state coming into this fight......
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