Tamdan McCrory – “The Barn Cat” Cometh

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11/16/07 6:18:23AM
Want a little perspective on the experience gap between welterweights Tamdan McCrory and Akihiro Gono, who will meet at Newark’s Prudential Center on Saturday’s UFC 78 card? When Japan’s Gono made his mixed martial arts debut in April of 1994, McCrory was just eight years old.

But “The Barn Cat” laughs off such a trivial tidbit. “I’ve been fighting a lot of guys that are his age and older, so I guess I’m starting to get used to it,” said McCrory, who just turned 21 on November 5th. “And as far as experience level and how many fights he’s had, he’s definitely the most experienced out of all the fighters I faced, but I look at it as another way to make my stock rise.

11/18/07 2:28:21AM
I wonder if he is still laughing.....
11/21/07 1:20:01AM
damit, i wasnt going to pick a winner of that fight but like a dumbass i choose tamden, no offense to gono at all, nice sub. but you made me (189-35)7-2 gono.
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