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3/18/10 7:27:02PM
3/19/10 4:54:52PM
thats pretty sweet. look up the CAR system on youtube also. Combat Axis Relock. good vid though
3/19/10 7:52:23PM
I'm part owner in a company that does military training at most realistic level we can make it. Here is a video of the type of training we do.


Its one thing to run a shooting course shooting at paper targets its a hole other to be in the ****. You never know how guys on going to react till you put them in it.
3/20/10 1:25:25PM
Very true brother. Fight or flight is a very odd mechanism, and one that you have no control over. Some people are prone to lock up or run away, and it's good to know if that's an issue with yourself before you might be in those situations.
4/16/10 10:24:10AM
i was a navy corpsman with 3/8 for 3 1/2 yrs and was on a 3rd deployment with 2/8. I did some trauma work in ramadi and i have to say it woulda been awsome to go through that type of training first. its sad that marines/army infantry dont get to do stuff like that more often, it woulda be beneficial.

i'm referring to telnights post
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