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10/15/07 2:02:11PM
Tim Sylvia’s been here before, in the role no fighter wants to be in. And while “comeback” is a dirty word because it means you’re returning from a loss, serious injury, some other mishap, or a combination of all of the above, those who do return in successful fashion find glory first of all, and sometimes they even find redemption.

10/15/07 2:51:59PM
i hope tim comes in 100%, this is going be a hard fight for him
10/15/07 3:17:24PM
I think Old Timmy is back and Vera is getting KTFO
10/15/07 3:21:03PM
I think Tim will come out hard but it'll fall short of beating Vera.
10/15/07 4:14:09PM
Vera is getting KTFO
10/15/07 4:16:24PM
well, my only argument here is: GO SYLVIA !!!!

10/15/07 4:54:14PM
Even though I just saw Brandon Vera in person this weekend, I think that it will be a long night for him. I see Tim taking this one.
10/15/07 6:52:13PM
Tim will have to be the one pushing the pace if he wants to win this fight, but i think Vera will be to quick for him......But all it takes is one punch to end a fight from Sylvia so this one could go eigther way.....
10/15/07 9:10:59PM
Anyone notice that Sylvia is better fighter when he is NOT the champion. Look at fights versus Ricco, Arlovski II, Silva, Telligman.
10/15/07 11:10:40PM
Wow...I thought I was the only one going for Tim on this one. There are so many Vera Huggers out there (He is very good) that I thought everyone would forget how very nasty of a fighter Tim could be. I love seeing fans who know their sh!t!!!
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