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1/16/07 9:10:41AM
who will win, i am alittle scared for couture, evan though i cant stand sylvia.. but who wins
1/16/07 9:18:45AM
I feel the same way, but I really believe Coutoure can pull it off. He is so much smarter and more experienced, and he's gonna take it to Sylvia...Sylvia has been way too passive in his last few fights and I don't think he'll be able to do that with The Natural
1/16/07 11:20:33AM
i would agree.....if sylvia comes out as slow as he did against munson, couture will rock him. couture also has much better cardio.
1/16/07 11:50:31AM
i want to see randy win but sylvia's jab+his newfound takedown defense scares me a little. this fight will probably have to be in the clinch while on the feet for randy to win
1/16/07 2:47:41PM
I do agree that Tim Sylvia isn't very skilled, but I just don't think that Randy can contend with the sheer size of him. As much as it pains me to say it, Tim Sylvia by KO.
1/16/07 7:47:47PM
I dont know who's going to win, but I know who's going to lose, all of the poor suckers that spend money on a worthless PPV.
1/16/07 11:24:21PM
If randy put on some pounds and he still has his endurance i would say that Randy will win cuz Sylvia is too slow and not versed enough on the ground, but in the instance that it is a stand up fight (which i think i wont be) Sylvia will knock him out with some bolo donkey punch.
1/17/07 2:13:15AM
Been impressed with Sylvia's abilty to adapt to different game plans even if I am not impressed with his desire to "not lose" vs "win". Hope he picks it up. He may have to this time.

Curious whether Randy is doing this because he wants the money, has the fighting itch again or he truly believes he has a game plan to take down the big man. I am sure the Monson fight taught him alot about Sylvia's abilities.

My money is on Couture. Age and experience to win!
1/19/07 2:49:34PM
I want Randy to win, but Sylvia has the huge size, age and confidence fo his last victories on his side.

Sylvia should win on paper, and I think probably will.
1/19/07 2:52:04PM
I hope Randy, but I'd have to say too much size and bad style matchup for him. Sylvia probably wins 3 outta 4 times they fight.
1/19/07 2:53:42PM
If Randy can close the distance and bring it to a clinch, Sylvia is gonna be in trouble.
1/19/07 3:15:26PM

If Randy can close the distance and bring it to a clinch, Sylvia is gonna be in trouble.

Normally I would agree, but Ti'm to tall for the clinch to work well. Instead of landing uppercuts, he might get kneed in the face.
1/21/07 10:11:17PM
as much as i hate to say it..i gotta go with Sylvia i mean i hate the guy hes like a big i think hes just too big for randy....and iF and thats a big if he can take the big doof down randy should win...but Sylvia is a freak in size....but honestly....i just hate Sylvia and want to see Cro Cop kick his head off....and i really hate seeing that doof wear the belt everywhere he goes...its like Tim..we know your the champ...take off that damn belt..
1/21/07 11:59:21PM
Has everyone here already fogotten about Randy? He lost the rematch and the rubber match to Chuck, but before that he was so damn dominant. He outboxed the Iceman in their first match. I am going to put my first $500 all on Randy. Easy money. Lemme know if you want to lose some funny money.
1/22/07 12:03:58AM
im down to wager some money nacho..

$250 on silvia
1/25/07 1:33:23AM
bas rutten
1/25/07 3:29:37AM
i want randy to win but i don't see it happening
1/25/07 4:23:50AM
I think Sylvia will pull of the TKO in round 3. Couture's aging body cant last 5 rounds IMO.
1/25/07 4:58:51AM
I want Couture to win, but with Sylvia's elephantitis I think he'll pull out another boring ass win.
1/25/07 5:37:36AM
Sylvia's sprawl improved, and i think he's quite tall and heavy to take down from the clich. I dont know if the hw division will affect Couture's cardio, but i would say Sylvia by tko or ud. Im rooting for Randy though!
1/26/07 7:38:19AM

Randy it comes to dispute championships of grappling.

He draw with Jacaré ...

If the fight go to the ground... Randy Wins.
If the fight is on stand up... Sylvia cuts the eye of Randy!!! xDDDDDDD

1/27/07 12:50:30PM

Posted by loller90278

im down to wager some money nacho..

$250 on silvia

I'm with you!! I'll throw any amount down on sylvia..
1/27/07 1:07:44PM
tim will probably win
1/27/07 2:50:26PM
I'll wager 250 on sylvia and if i lose it it would be worth it
1/27/07 4:37:12PM
I think that WHEN couture takes sylvia down his only option will be to pepper him with some shots and look for any submission openings and throw on a sub. I just dont think that Couture has the power to render him unconcious or make him unable to defend himself.
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