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9/16/09 1:10:34PM
As we all know, The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights debuts tonight immediately following UFN 19: Guillard vs. Diaz (on Spike). Let's use this thread as an official predictions thread.

1.) Who will be in the finals?
2.) Who will win the finals?
3.) How will they win the finals?
4.) Your BOLD/BONUS prediction?

Zak Jensen (7-3)
Marcus Jones (4-1)
Scott Junk (6-2-1)
Jon Madsen (1-0)
James McSweeney (12-4)
Matt Mitrione (0-0)
Roy Nelson (13-4)
Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson (3-1)
Demico Rogers (4-0)
Brendan Schaub (4-0)
Darrill Schoonover (10-0)
Wes Shivers (3-1)
Wes Sims (22-12-1)
Abe Wagner (6-2)
Justin Wren (6-1)
Mike Wessel (6-1)

9/16/09 1:11:29PM
1-Brendan Schaub vs. Wes Sims

Bonus prediction: Kimbo wins first fight, loses second.
9/16/09 1:17:35PM
Roy Nelson vs Darrill Schoonover

Nelson by UD
9/16/09 1:19:31PM
marcus jones wins tonight on route to finals against roy nelson . Where he gets taped by kimura from side mount .
9/16/09 1:22:30PM
1.) James McSweeney vs. Wes Sims
2.) James McSweeney
3.) TKO
4.) Kimbo Slice KO's someone in his first match but gets KO'd in his second.

EDIT: Changed my prediction.
9/16/09 1:43:52PM
Darrill Schoonover vs. Roy Nelson
Roy Nelson
Kimbo gets tapped in his first match (which will be late on in the series) but will definitely fight on the Finale card.
9/16/09 1:48:57PM
1) Brendan Schaub Vs. Roy Nelson
2) Brendan Schaub
3) TKO
4) Kimbo wins his first fight but gets choked unconscious in his second fight because "tappin' is for bitches"
9/16/09 2:59:56PM
Kimbo v Nelson
That is my bold prediction!

Honestly's going to be a great season though with it finally being back to HWs....what they needed to do 4 seasons ago....with true HWs who don't have much of a shot of dropping to LHW....what they needed in season a lot of these guys are just freaking total characters... Wes, Roy, and Kimbo are all complete oddballs.....should be a great season....I am stoked!
9/16/09 4:44:17PM
Roy Nelson walks through the show undefeated, wins in the finals.

Kimbo wins his first fight, gets beat in his second.

Predictions for finals:

Nelson vs. Jones
9/16/09 4:58:04PM
Personally, I haven't seen all of them fight yet, but I know for a fact that Roy Nelson can scrap. His ground game is pretty good too. I saw him sub Mir in a jiu jitsu expo once.
9/16/09 5:02:03PM
early on i liked jones....then i saw his fights, he has no chin.

ill go with nelson and schaub in the finals
schaub wins it by GnP
dark horse is mitrione
and bold prediction is that sims goes down in his first fight
9/17/09 2:25:34PM
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