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9/22/09 1:17:25PM
My first class is next week for kick boxing and the following class grappling. I'm just wondering what everyones opinion is the best to wear?? I usually workout in normal gym shorts and a under armor shirt. Its no gi and the trainers said just to wear whatever I am comfortable in. Some other poeple have said just a tank top or muscle shirt or some fight shorts. Like I said probably a stupid question but I'd like to get some feedback.
9/22/09 3:21:02PM
Pretty much anything as a top works, but you won't want to wear any long shorts.

Personally I'm most comfortable kicking in fight trunks, same with grappling.
9/22/09 7:17:20PM
dont wear loose clothings :especially for grappling , people will appreciate it . i know i hate when im trying to sweep then my foot gets stuck in thier shirt-__-

other then that any shorts will do , sometimes my shorts are in the wash ill use my bathing suit as shorts
9/22/09 7:48:17PM
Thanks. thats why I figured I'd just wear the under armor shirt so people wouldn't be getting caught up. I got a decent pair of shorts that will do for the first few classes. I'm gonna order a cheaper pair of tapout shorts.
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