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2/3/11 6:28:01PM
Fedor vs silva. Fedor winning
The reem vs werdum. Got reem winning

Arlovski vs kharitonov. Arlovski winning
Babyface assassin vs brett rodgers. Upset rodgers winning

Fedor vs the reem. Got the reem winning
Arlovski vs rodgers. Rodgers winning

Reem vs rodgers rematch. Reem winning it all
2/3/11 7:01:15PM
It's going to be an uber tourney.

Fedor vs Silva = Fedor
Overeem vs Werdum = Overeem

Andrei vs Sergi = Sergi
Barnett vs Rogers = Barnett

second round

Fedor vs Overeem = Overeem
Sergi vs Barnett = Sergi


Overeem vs Sergi = Overeem

*There are also some good HW fill-in fights. Lavar vs Shane Del
2/3/11 9:18:47PM


2/3/11 10:22:40PM
Fedor over Silva
Overeem over Werdum
Sergei over AA
Barnett over Rogers

Reem over Fedor (tempted to take Fedor though)
Barnett over Kharitonov

Reem over Barney
2/3/11 11:09:58PM
Fedor vs silva. Fedor winning
The reem vs werdum. Got reem winning

Arlovski vs kharitonov. Kharitonov winning
Babyface assassin vs brett rodgers. Babyface Assasin winning

Fedor vs the reem. Got Fedor winning
Kharitonov vs Babyface. Babyface winning


2/4/11 3:06:27AM
i gotta go with the reem on this. i just dont see anybody being able to hang with him. he'll smash werdum, tko fedor, decision over barnett, we already know what happens when he fights rogers, silva gets kneed into oblivion. i think sergi might be a dark horse in this one, he wont beat the reem but i wouldnt be surprised to see him in the finals. anyway i see it happening, there is nobody to beat overeem. im really not nuthugging, i just really do think overeem is the best in SF
2/4/11 9:50:18AM
Fedor over Silva
Barnett over Rogers

Those two I can pick right now. Clearly, there's no such thing as a "lock" in this sport - and Silva and Rogers are more legit than some other guys who have scored big shockers - but I think anyone picking Silva or Rogers is just hoping to look clever in the event of an upset.

Right now, I'm 50-50 on Overeem vs. Werdum. I want to see Werdum-Silva from November '09. Werdum's only fought twice in 18 months, so there's not a lot to go on, but my impression has always been that if you don't want to grapple with him, you don't have to. I was surprised and impressed with Silva's boxing in the Arlovski fight, but that was after he lost to Werdum.

Also, I'm not buying the Overeem hype. Yes, he's a good kickboxer. Yes, he's a physical specimen. But since when has either of those things equated to success against Top-10 MMA fighters? He hasn't fought a Top-10 heavyweight in years (and that's if Kharitonov and/or Werdum were Top-10 back in '06-'07, I can't remember if they were or not). Todd Duffee might have been in the Top 50 before the Overeem fight, and I wouldn't rate Kazuyuki Fujita, James Thompson or Gary Goodridge even that highly. His win over Brett Rogers was impressive, sure, but Rogers is a standup fighter and the clear #8 seed in the tournament, imo.

Arlovski-Kharitonov is an awesome matchup, at least on paper. I want to pick Arlovski, but he just looked so bad in his last fight... I worry that he's mentally broken and/or exhausted. On the other hand, I haven't seen any of Kharitonov's last 3 fights, and that's going back 3 years (by contrast, Overeem has fought 10 times since then).
2/4/11 1:44:52PM
Fedor over Bigfoot
Reem over Werdum
Barnett over Rogers
Sergei over Arlovski

Reem over Fedor
Barnett over Sergei

Reem over Barnett.
2/4/11 2:27:47PM
I have a bad feeling the alternate match winner will end up fighting in the tournament.

I just hope he's not going to be replacing Fedor. He has a history of breaking his hand and Silva's head seems like the kind of target that breaks them.

If there's no injuries I see it going the same as Pookie except with Fedor winning over Barnett in the final.
2/4/11 4:57:56PM
Fedor over Silva
Reem over Werdum
Barnett over Rogers
Sergei over Arlovski

Fedor over Reem
Barnett over Sergei

Fedor over Barnett

Still kind of upset Fedor and Reem are on the same side of the bracket.
2/4/11 5:12:16PM
rd 1

rd 2
fedor- will sub the reem

FEDOR! unless the reem KOs him
2/6/11 3:49:43PM
The breakdown

Fedor vs Bigfoot

This is going to be a vicious rebound battle for Fedor. Will he win?Most likely but the real question is at what cost? To the skeptics,Fedor is going to have to make a point. The problem is the guy your trying to tattoo that very point on to is darn near as sturdy as a brick wall. Antonio Silva will be able to weather a good portion of Fedors shots and that's why the Last Emperor may be wise to pace himself and feel the fight out for the first opening minutes. If not, he may find himself slightly winded going into the second.

Verdict: Fedor by decision. I think stylisticly where going to see something similar to his fight with Hunt. Sure he wins but I don't believe he'll look impressive in doing so. Fedor gets the nod by controlling where the fight goes and Silva loses it for not pressing the action on his own part.

Barnett vs rogers

The selling point: Barnett should win this fight. yet, well versed strikers have given him loads of trouble in the past. Yvel,Crocop,Rizzo. Brett Rogers has a chance to add his name to this list and even if he ends up on the short end of the stick,he can still manage to look good in doing so,so long as he can stay off his back. Rogers has managed to drop 2 out of 3 high profile fights and if he suffers a loss in this bout he earns himself gatekeeper status and will be out of title contention until further notice.

Verdict: Barnett by a solid decision. Josh will control the fight from the top but never get anything too detrimental over on Rogers. Rogers will land the loudest and biggest shots but it won't be enough.

Kharitonov vs Arlovski

I feel that Kharitonov is the the real underdog is this tournement. He's lost steam since the departure of Pride,but then again we haven't seen much of him since then either. He's beaten both Werdum and Overeem though the victories now seem to be part of a whole other time of the sports progression.
It's essentialy the same guys he's fough before,yet at least one of them is posing a whole new set of problems for him if he so happens to meet Alistar somewhere on the ladder. Though AA lost his last fight,he gains a lot of merit if for nothing else than the display of heart he showed in facing off against Antonio Silva. The problem he had in that fight,was he didn't turn on the kill switch. Technically the Pitbull looked good but he never got anything going in that fight like he did against Fedor.

Verdict: I feel that this is the hardest fight to make a call on. It basicly comes down to who wants it more. Which guy is going the extra mile in training and not just pushing through the motions? Final answer,unsure.

Werdum vs Overeem

Werdum has the bragging rights to claim victories over Fedor and Overeem.
The problem? The first is considered a fluke,a mistake that cost Fedor the fight.The second, Overeem was a different fighter then.The juggernaut we see today is a far cry from what Fabricio tackled years ago. Overeem has the persona of some big,bad,boogeyman looming in the shadows somewhere in Japan dismantling their best strikers,then occasionanly coming over into MMA just to keep a strap of gold that signifies him as the best outside the UFC's borders.

The verdict: It's hard to go against overeem with all the steam blowing behind him. I feel this fight will be the most exciting of all the first round bouts.
2/6/11 5:49:13PM
I know everyone is pro ufc
But who ever wins this tournament
Reserves excluded. Should be number one heavyweight in the world
2/6/11 6:17:04PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

I know everyone is pro ufc
But who ever wins this tournament
Reserves excluded. Should be number one heavyweight in the world

Personally, I think this only applies to Fedor/Reem/Werdum and maybe Barnett. If one of the dark horses can win it all I don't think they will necessarily be #1 it will depend a lot on how it happens. Even fully legit wins that arn't complete destructions wouldn't have to push them that high nor a one punch ko that tells us nothing about them in the grander spectrum. Considering AA/Kharitonov and Rodgers recent histories I don't think there would really be much of an argument for making them number 1 unless they have some really spectactular showings.

So I agree on the top couple seeds disagree on the bottom couple seeds and am undecided on the middle couple, I guess.

oh and, btw, my predicton is either a replacement (I think the most likely scenario) or Ubereem.
2/7/11 8:37:31PM
This is going to be a kick ass card!
Go Overeem!!!

Fedor over Bigfoot
Overeem over F. Werdum
J. Barnett over B. Rogers
A. Arlovski over Sergei

Overeem over Fedor
Barnett over A. Arlovski

A. Overeem over J. Barnett.
2/8/11 6:40:48PM
Overeem vs Werdum
Winner: Overeem

Fedor vs Silva
Winner: Fedor

Arlovski vs Kharitonov
Winner: Kharitonov

Barnett vs Rodgers
Winner: Barnett

Overeem vs Fedor
Winner: 60-40 on Overeem

Barnett vs Kharitonov
Winner: Barnett

Overeem vs Barnett
Winner: Overeem
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