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1/12/08 9:31:23AM
Strikeforce/EliteXC-March 29,2008 on Showtime
Venue: HP Pavillion, San Jose, California
Main card airs live on Showtime
Confirmed Fights:
Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Frank Shamrock vs. Cung Le for the title

Joey Villasenor vs. Ryan Jensen (Original opponent Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos is off due to visa issues)

Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez vs. Gabe Lemley for the title

Drew Fickett vs. Jae Suk Lim (Nick Diaz is off as of 3/27 for undisclosed reasons)

Luke Stewart vs. Tiki Ghosn

Jesse Jones vs. Jesse Gillespie

Darren Yuenoyama vs. Anthony Figueroa

Jake Shields vs. Fickett for the EliteXC Welterweight Title is off as of 3/25 due to Shields suffering a back injury.
1/12/08 12:30:07PM
looks like an awesome card.

Hear me now, Cung Le will beat Shamrock.
1/12/08 12:50:08PM
Looks like a good card. I hope they find a decent opponent for Shields.
1/12/08 12:56:43PM
Speaking of which, isn't it rather ironic that his first fight after leaving EXC is on an EXC-co-promoted card? That certainly has to make his possible matchup that much more intriguing.
1/12/08 2:01:28PM
Luke Stewart is supposed to be on this card as well.
1/12/08 2:04:53PM
1/12/08 2:09:59PM
I expected to be angry about who Melendez was fighting because im ready for him to really take his game up against some real talent (and yes i realize he beat kawajiri and just lost to ishida. Those were good fights and i want more). While Josh Thomson isnt my ideal opponent, he is very talented and i think he might suprise El Nino.

I also predict Cung Le to win. Frank Shamrock is way past his prime and i dont think hes going to be ready for those kicks of doom. Im totally buying into the hype.
1/16/08 8:17:34PM
Hate to disappoint the Melendez fans, but I've just learned that fight is now off. Thompson re-aggravated an old shoulder injury, surgery is set for tomorrow. No word yet on who a replacement might be for the fight, if there is one.
1/16/08 10:30:58PM
Looks good so far. I hope really hope Cung Le beats Frank. Frank is the only MMA fight I can say I truly don't like.
1/17/08 12:48:01AM

Posted by ButterBalls

looks like an awesome card.

Hear me now, Cung Le will beat Shamrock.

frank could submit him but not likely
1/17/08 3:18:43AM
im buying into the hype as well, but i see cung le have no chance at frank at this time in his career.. he needs to refine his ground game (havnt seen any yet, but im assuming, as his base is san shu) frank could easily sub him
1/17/08 7:35:45AM
This isn't yet official, but I'm reading on MMAWeekly now that Gina Carano may be on this card. The reason she's off the upcoming EXC card in February is because of obligations related to American Gladiators. The schedule related to AG (tapings, PR, appearances, etc.) will likely be the main factor in determining if she'll be ready in time for 3/29.
1/17/08 3:58:36PM
I heard Nick Diaz may be fighting on this card as well, Diaz vs Ludwig would be a pretty decent fight...

1/17/08 4:26:20PM
Haven't heard anything about that yet, but MMAWeekly's Rumors section today says he'll probably fight at the EXC event on 4/26 in Hawaii.

Edit: Expect Joe Riggs vs. Joey Villasenor to be added to this event in the coming days.
2/3/08 6:55:25PM
I'll take Cung Le over Frank Shamrock. Josh Thomson & Trevor Prangley say that Cung's takedown defense is awsome and he has crushing kicks. Thomson surgery went well and he hopes to be back within 6 mths.he really wanted the melendez fight.
If Riggs is staying clean now he should beat Villasenor.
Jorge Santiago should get the winner of Le / Shamrock after winning Strikeforces 4-man tourney.
2/3/08 8:10:04PM
Cung Le over Shamrock. Can't see him losing. Finally, Shields will get a title. Sorry Drew Fickett. Santiago will be thrown in there with a sub-par opponent as a tune-up for his title shot against Le/Shamrock. He's been on a sick roll as of late and it'll be exciting to see him. Looks like an excellent, excellent card. When EliteXC and Strikeforce come together, you can always expect an excellent show.
2/18/08 9:07:57AM
Another card update: This isn't definite yet, but it looks a little more like Gina may be off this card too because of American Gladiators commitments. If she's brought back for season 2 (and she'd better be brought back!), taping could be in March and April, which means she couldn't fight on 3/29. Too early to say yet what the plans are though.
2/28/08 12:11:50PM
More changes to the card:
Gilbert Melendez vs. Jorge Masvidal is now off. Sources told Junkie that Masvidal suffered a shin injury during Strikeforce At The Dome last weekend. They're trying to find a replacement to face Melendez.

These 2 items haven't been confirmed yet, but MMAWeekly has removed both Joe Riggs and Gina Carano from the rumored fight card. I'm guessing this would be related to Riggs' back injury and Gina's American Gladiators commitments (the fight timing might conflict with season 2 taping).
3/1/08 3:21:06AM
Hopefully they put this card up in a timely manner. Never fear though folks, this card WILL be in the Secondary League, just because of how intriging Cung Le vs. Frank Shamrock is. I don't care if the undercard is Gary Shaw farting into a microphone.
3/4/08 6:10:30PM
Another update: Joe Riggs is now officially off the card. Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos is his replacement and will face Joey Villasenor so long as Santos doesn't get too beaten up tomorrow at WVR. Riggs may be back in April.
3/4/08 8:40:25PM
Thats a pretty interesting match-up. I don't see Takimoto busting up Cyborg too much tonight, so hopefully we'll get to see that.
3/5/08 12:32:21AM

Posted by Svartorm

Thats a pretty interesting match-up. I don't see Takimoto busting up Cyborg too much tonight, so hopefully we'll get to see that.

I think Takimoto will win, but yeah I dont see him hurting Cyborg...and that matchup with Joey should be a good one.

I am pretty dissapointed about the Masvidal injury though..I think he could have beat Melendez...but if would still be a sweet fight
3/7/08 8:14:43PM
I wonder who paul buentello will fight? I really like to watch him strike
3/8/08 11:38:37PM
im a little slow to make my picks on this event I think Fickett might take Shields I have never been a big Jake Shields fan but he is a talented guy i'm hoping to see a nice fight between the 2 and asfar as Shamrock vs Le goes i'm gonna have to go with Frank he is still in very good shape always was pretty good at striking and has an awsome ground game
3/10/08 12:31:39PM
Mania is now reporting that Korean fighter Jae Suk Kim will be Nick Diaz's opponent on this card. Kim, who is said to be a big Lightweight (160, his natural weight is 176), has a 9-3 career MMA record, 1-0 in EliteXC (beat Daniel Pinedo by 1st round submission in November '07). If Diaz wins he'll probably get another title shot, who he fights depends on who wins that night (KJ Noons vs. Yves Edwards).
3/15/08 12:23:44PM
some good fights again by elitexc/ strikeforce. glad i have showtime. i really can't wait for the shamrock vs cung lee bout. i hope lee wins, and shields as well.
3/25/08 5:57:09PM
Shields-Fickett is now off, MMANews reports that Shields has suffered a back injury.
3/26/08 7:21:13AM
One more late update to the card, Ryan Jensen will replace Cyborg and face Villasenor.

Also, Fickett will still fight if an opponent can be found in time. If Fickett fights and wins, the title fight against Shields will be rescheduled for June 14.
3/29/08 1:41:30AM
It would've been funny if Shamrock didn't make weight, would've been yet another blow to the card lol
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