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8/4/09 1:23:08PM
Scott Coker mentioned in the TapouT radio show yesterday that there will be a press conference in Japan regarding a new alliance with DREAM that could potentially bring a large amount of overseas fighters into the mix with Strikeforce's roster of talent. This has been a bit overlooked in all the Strikeforce discussions, but it matters due to the potential for booking the crossover battles between Japanese and North American fighters that many fans have craved for quite some time.

Not only are there bouts that can happen that are relevant within today's ranks, but even matches of MMA legends that could potentially be made between the two promotions. Think about some of these bouts: Frank Shamrock vs. Kazushi Sakuraba, Nick Diaz vs. Marius Zaromskis, Josh Thomson vs. Joachim Hansen/Shinya Aoki/Ribeiro/Kikuno... the list goes on.

8/4/09 2:13:45PM
Fedro vs. _____ (Canseco, Hunt, HMC 2, etc.) responses begins in 5....4....3....2....1...
8/4/09 3:18:57PM
We might finally get to see Fedor Emelianenko vs Sergei Kharitonov.
8/4/09 3:43:13PM
I was thinking more along the lines of having actual competition in SF's LW division... I would sure as **** watch Melendez / Kawajiri 2... Or Thompson vs Alvarez (unless he's tied up in Bellator??)... Some decent MW's too... Shields / Jacare anyone? Or dare I say, Manhoef vs Diaz!!!!! F'n right!!
8/4/09 6:08:50PM
I wanna see mayhem vs diaz i really dont think jacare vs diaz would be much of a fight imo. jacare has world class jits but i see diaz outpointing him all day and if he got taken down i dont see jacare subbing diaz if jacare won it would be a boring decision.
8/4/09 7:41:04PM
the alliance will help them out with more fighters and match ups
8/6/09 2:33:28PM
IT would also attract so many more up and coming fighters the new gsp's and bj penns and anderson silvas and ass kicking diaz entertainment mother *******. The new breed in strikeforce and push ufc and dana white. Thats what ima talking about
8/6/09 2:41:18PM
i like the sound of this alliance.
not only will it bring fighters from overseas.but strikeforce exposure in japan will be tremendous.i dont think strikeforce is going anywhere anytime soon.their not stupid.

haha hopefully i dont have to eat my words
8/6/09 5:23:07PM
Strikeforce is really impressing me lately. They have definetally stepped up to the plate and are running a smart business plan. Will they ever be in the UFC's class? Probably not. But, they'll always have fights I'm looking forward too.

The greatest thing about this is I get to see Mayhem Miller fight on Showtime.
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