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8/6/09 2:10:01PM
This merger i think will be great to compete with ufc competively. Not only do all organizations got great rosters they now have fedor, diaz, moussassi, mach sakaraya, aoki, shields, melendez, rogers, etc. I think this is the only company that will now competively compete with the ufc as one now. Wow there will be some great fights and new champions, i think this wil force the ufc and MMA to create a system and unify champions. I am predicting in the next 5 years great fights for MMA and giving the fans the fights they want to see. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THIS MERGER.
8/6/09 4:27:20PM
I think all of these companys working together is pretty much the only way they will be able to compete with the UFC...I still don't think they will be able to surpass the UFC because it has branded itself and has just about secured itself as THE promotion (i.e. NFL, NAscar..etc.) I love that they will be sharing fighters because now at least all the best fights outside the UFC can now all happen.
8/6/09 4:51:41PM
i think this is great!

Strikeforce is in it for the long run.they knew what they were doing by signing fedor.they have no intentions of letting one fighter bankrupt them.

i look forward to seeing alot of great fights
8/6/09 4:56:33PM
I think it'll produce some great fights... but also think that its necersarry for the orgs, so that they're able to put on more compelling fights.

Most people won't agree, but I would think that this will truly bbolster their LW and MW divisions and bring them to at least the level of the UFC's, minus a little bit of the hype...

What really interests me is the fact that the UFC will have to think twice before dropping guys from their roster... because they'll have a reasonable place to go and fight and make a living, which is great bewcause it lessens the fighters dependence on the UFC... competition is always a good thing
8/6/09 6:09:31PM
WOW I it looks like M1 and Fedor are trying to out do themselves and kill 2 promotions at once, and here I thought Fedor was avoiding a challenge.
8/6/09 11:18:17PM
I think we will get to see some amazing fights due to this merger.
8/6/09 11:20:13PM
the pessimist in me says that this is only going to speed up both orgs eventual demise....please be wrong, please be wrong...
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