I need help with my strength and conditioning..Any thoughts?

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12/12/10 10:18:11PM
Hey everyone,

I'm new to MMA and really need to work on my strength and conditioning. I was wondering if anyone could post some of their training routines or tips for a beginner. Preferably stuff I can do around the house, but all ideas are welcome! Thanks guys..

P.S. One of my buddies suggested I try this www.theMMAmasterplan.com

He swears by it. Has anyone else tried this program with any success??
12/13/10 3:31:10AM
as for stuff around the house, id say lots of explosion exercises, body weight exercises (pushups, sit ups, dips etc). get your cardio good. use interval training instead of long distance cause we as fighters dont need distance cardio we need fighter cardio. other than that you need to eat right and train hard. ive never seen that website so i cant say weather its good or not. send me a private email if you need to get more in depth.
12/17/10 7:17:24PM
Go out and buy a 24kg kettlebell and watch some youtube videos on the subject. Your functional strength will increase dramatically if you stick with it. For MMA focus on your core strength and leg strength.

That being said, I recommend not relying on your strength when learning techniques. I would say exercise to the point where you might just want to get in shape enough to last through the classes and focus on learning techniques rather than building strength to muscle through people. But that is just me.

Martial arts is about technique, which uses physical principals to make certain tasks easier. It's all angles, positioning and movement. Once you start to understand that (which takes some time) then you can augment it with raw strength.
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