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10/8/08 7:44:21PM
Hello members, first time at this site and it looks cool. Dread has bought me here looking for Skinnyboy (Johnny Napalm to you folks) as a member from another mma site has died a tragic death. Enough about that.

I like fast cars and fast women, they call me the Cruiser. Older members or film buffs may remember that line from one of the greatest war movies ever made, Stripes.

Someones going to have to explain to me how all this works with the betting and such, looks interesting.

Thanks for having me.
10/8/08 7:52:34PM
Betting is pretty simple..You can wager any amount of your fake money on a certain fighter to win whatever amount based on the odds + is an underdog and - is the favorite..So if someone is -200 you would have to bet 200 to win 100 its pretty simple.You can plug in different numbers and it will show you what you can win..You can also Parlay 2 or more fighters together to double or triple your winnings.If you Parlay 2 or more fighters they all have to win or you lose what you bet which can only be half of your bankroll at anytime...Just play around with it and youll be fine..The biggest way to win money is to Parlay and underdog and hit.
10/8/08 8:17:14PM

I dig the pic and the line from stripes! Just play around and get your "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy training, sir!" from talking with other forum members who are almost always willing to help you out.
10/8/08 11:50:58PM
Pick your fights who how and when thats pretty easy should go undefeted hahahaha its almost nerve wracking! But still the funniest site to me. You get Fantasy dollers you bet your guy wins you win now your not going to win much if you bet Silva over Cote but if you bet Cote over Silva and he wins you get big bucks. We are in the middle of a season so your shot at taking the crown will be slim but you get to learn without mucjh on the line.
10/9/08 11:49:34AM
Thanks for the replies. I should've done this awhile ago.
10/9/08 1:02:18PM
Welcome to the Playground, bro.
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