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10/16/10 11:11:46AM
LONDON -- Steve Cantwell just can't buy a break.

The light heavyweight was forced to pull out of his UFC 120 fight against Stanislav Nedkov Friday morning after suffering a knee injury in training on Wednesday.

"Wednesday we were training," Cantwell told MMA Fighting. "It was my last medium day training, just trying to cut weight, loosen up a little bit. I was just having a really, really great training session. Literally, the last five minutes I was rolling -- we did three rounds on pads and two rolling -- literally the last minute, I rolled, hit a move, my foot got caught and torqued my knee and popped my lateral collateral ligament. I couldn't walk. I tried to play it off because there were all kinds of people in the room, like, 'Ah, I got a cramp. I'm done training,' kind of thing."

10/16/10 4:29:55PM
Man that has got to suck, not only so close to the fight but so close to being done with training for that day.
10/16/10 4:34:20PM
With two now bow outs right before the fight
Have fun trying to get a opponent to fight you
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