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10/18/10 3:33:49PM
Hey guys just last week I joined back up to the gym, its not a kickboxing gym that I was at a ouple months ago due to the fact that I have moved back home, and we dont have any mma classes around here.

So basically im just working and trying to get in real good shape for when i do move back up to london so i can resume training at adrenaline kickboxing. As I said i started traning last week and just had a get back into it week basically working out but not to over due myself. But now in my second week I really wanna get some tips for workouts that wouldnot only help me lose weight but gain some lean muscle.

I currently weigh 225lbs, and need some pointers on getting rid of my gut its not big but it has a lot of flab, and basically I would love to get to my eventual goal weight of 190lbs by the end of this year.(is it possible)

Also I was wondering about protein shakes and I usually try and drink one after a workout but Im also working a 8-9 hour shift at a car factory which is also a good workout for my arms as Im always lifting 30lbs every 20sec, and I was going to take a protein shake to work as well.

Also if you could give me some advice on dieting ike what i should be eating, should i count calories, carbs, protein etc.

Anything would help props to any one who post thanks!!!
10/21/10 3:10:49AM
one of the first steps to getting yourself into better shape is one of the most often overlooked peices of the pie.
you have to regulate your nutrition! and what i mean isnt cut out fat or up your protein. that comes later. what i mean is you have to get your body on a consistent schedule of eating. try to eat at the same time each day so that you can keep a consistent flow of nutrients into your body. this allows your body to work at maximum efficiency.

once that is done you need to look at your diet as a whole. can you give me an idea of what you eat each day? i mean literally each thing you eat each day and when.

for some basics though here is a quick system to get yourself into shape and up your cardio levels as well. do interval Tabata training. i recommend it to my people all the time.
it goes like this (everyone has their own interpretation of this style by the way, this is mine and i have found it best for athletes)
you start out doing a brisk walk for 3 minutes to warm up.
then outright sprint for 30 seconds. full blast as fast as you can.
then 90 seconds active rest walking again,
then 30 seconds, full speed feel blast,
90 seconds walking rest,

you do that for 8 sections of 30 seconds work- 90 seconds active rest. once you get better you can use hills or steps for the work

as for diet, protein shakes are good but make them with water to drop the calories and fats. try to get a simple whey protein. cheap. make sure you get plenty of vegetables as well. they have nutrients vital to repairing the cells of your body.

hope some of that helps.
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